WM8000HVA vs WM9000HVA

The washing machine has become a common item in today’s life. So many people are leaving the traditional way of washing their clothes. Even though the traditional washing is way harder than using the washing machine, but many people, especially the old one, are talking about how washing machine result is not as good as the old washing method. To sum it up, the budget you need is not small, and also it is very likely that washing machine will suffer a breakdown in just a few years. That’s why an effective and appropriate washing machine is searched by many customers. One brand that has shown many success in this market is the LG company. In this case, we have LG WM8000HVA and WM9000HVA. LG WM8000HVA is known as the biggest non-commercial washing machine on the market with scale about 5.1 cubic feet. On the other hand, WM9000HVA is also really good product with the mega-capacity 6.0 cu. Ft. Washer which allows you to clean your clothes in short amount of time with precise efficiency. So which one do you like? If you want to learn more about these two products, let’s see the comparison below.

WM8000HVA is most likely the biggest in its class with scale about 5.1 cubic feet. However, this big size is not advantageous for you as the capacity is not as big as it seems. It has about 5.1 cu. Ft. Capacity, whereas WM9000HVA has 6.0 cu.Ft. The big size itself is resisting you to put it in some small area; you will need a big area which is not very pleasant for an economic house. After that, WM8000HVA has five temperature settings and up to 14 washing programs. These features are given for the luxury aspect for customers. It offers the versatility to the customers as it has many options. For the washing treatment, WM8000HVA provides the customer with front-load washer and turbo wash. You can wash your clothes with ease because of these technologies, but you must be careful to choose the washing programs, cause not every clothes can take the same treatment. For the last part is the steam ability, the steam ability is not to be terrified with as it offers the standard steam technology. On the other hand, LG WM9000HVA has 6.0 cu.Ft. capacity which is huge for washing machine. It has many auto programs features starting from the auto temperature control, auto detergent dispenser, until auto fabric softener dispenser. Other than that, it has pretty much the same features like WM8000HVA, 14 same programs cycles with the turbo washing ability.

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If you want to save both time and energy, then WM 8000 is the choice. LG WM 8000 gives very promising washing ability which shorten the wash time with the high-quality output. For example, it will wash your clothes for just 48 minutes while the average washing machine needs about 60 minutes. The big washer also spins at very powerful rpm, around 1300 rpm which is faster than the average too. The energy it uses itself is pretty much saved by the time you use the dryer. Wm 8000 retained about 56% of the clothes weight in water, which means that less work for the dryer. Likewise, the dryer itself won’t need to much work, and that’s why you will save many of your energy because of that. If WM 8000 is better in energy and time aspect, then WM 9000 is the best in capacity, efficiency, and program aspect. It has 6.0 cu.ft. Capacity which is pretty much will provide you time efficiency. However, the energy output is quite significant, but it is understandable because the program is superb. Smarter control like the NFC Tag On and SmartDiagnosis programs will prevent you from washing your clothes in the wrong way. It is more or less like a small robot with the standard control for your washing activity.

Both products are very reliable washing machines which offer the different approach for the customers. The WM 8000 is good in time and energy aspect, while the WM 9000 is superior in program, capacity, and efficiency aspect. Even though both washing machines are good products, but the WM 9000 is slightly better because in term of time and energy WM 9000 is not that far from WM 8000, so WM 9000 is really close to being a perfect washing machine.