Water Softening System vs Water Conditioners

Many individuals are oblivious to what a water conditioner system is, or how a Water Softener works a Water Conditioner is a piece of equipment that changes the overall quality of the water in your home. It has the ability to filter waste, remove unwanted chlorine in the stream or even improve the overall taste. A Water Softener is another piece of equipment that has the ability to lessen the hardness of water per each gallon.

A water Softener or a Water Conditioner is attached to the main line of a home’s water supply. When Water enters a home it is streamed through either one of these systems before being funneled to the rest of the home. A water Softener unit requires that salt pellets be added to the main enclosure so that the Water may be filtered through.

In comparison, a Water Conditioner unit regularly functions without the use of salt pellets to temper the Water. As Water enters the Water Softening chamber, sodium molecules from the salt pellets will enclose hard minerals like calcium, iron, copper, nickel, and lime. The outcome is having softer feeling Waters.

The minerals are not taken from the Water, rather disguised to avoid decomposition to house old appliances. Using an entirely different method of cleaning the Water Conditioner systems have a unique design that allows them to achieve their goal instantaneously. The universal design of a Conditioner system involves of an electric plate inside the unit, which once magnetized draws the hard minerals to the conductive state.

While some may prefer that salt should be added to their Water, I recommended using the Water Conditioner because it abstains from using any type of outside chemicals to infiltrate the Water System and contaminate it. Knowing my Water is pure outs my mind at ease.