Wagner Flexio 590 vs Graco Truecoat

Whether you want to choose paint sprayer, maybe you will think twice before deciding between the hand-held sprayer or the airless sprayer. From many perspectives, these sprayers are more or less the same, but what decide it is maybe its brand and your condition. We welcome you with two special paint sprayers, the Wagner Flexio 590 and Graco Truecoat. Wagner Flexio 590 is an indoor and outdoor hand-held sprayer which is suited for all projects. It is the combination of the iSpray nozzle with the X-Boost turbine which makes Wagner products deliver what the customer is expecting. On the other side, Graco Truecoat is a portable airless sprayer which is useful for a small project. Graco Truecoat has the cordless system which allows you to adjust the pressure via the side-mounted dial; this is also connected to the various of application colors. So if you are fans of one of these, let’s learn more about these products.

Right from the start, we can see that Wagner Flexio 590 has various features. Wagner Flexio 590 can be applied for many different paints like the exterior latex paints, sealers, urethanes, stains, and other oil-base materials. Other than that, it also offered the well known Wagner features which are the X-boost power and Lock-n-go tech color change. These two features allow the Wagner Flexio 590 to have a good handle and easier to change the color. On the other hand, Graco Truecoat is a cordless paint sprayer with an adjustable pressure range between 1000-2000 psi. It has a battery with 20v max which only needs 75 minutes charging time to reach 100%. After that, Graco Truecoat also includes a new Tilt-N-Spray pendulum section tube that gives you a full range of motion for the spraying purpose. Last but not least, Truecoat is repairable and can be rebuild which means you can extend the life of Graco Truecoat for a very long time. (Have a look: Wagner Flexio 590 vs 890)

Graco Truecoat is capable of holding the one-pint material at one time; it can handle heavy body latex and other thick paints like Flexio 590. The performance of Graco Truecoat is pretty fast for its class. Despite the painting, Graco Truecoat is not as constant as the Flexio 590, but you can coat a 36”x96” refrigerator panel in less than 20 seconds which is amazing. The gun is not that heavy; it is also durable. On the other hand, Flexio 590 is pretty much easy to be used and also light weight. The result itself is very constant and good. But the time it needs is a not as fast as the Graco Truecoat, it needs approximately 4 minutes, as for Graco just needs 20 seconds. This significant margin is caused by its approach in each machine.

In overall, Wagner Flexio 590 is on par with Graco Truecoat. The condition is what will determine which products that you’ll choose. If you want to do a small painting project which needs consistency, then you should choose Wagner Flexio 590, but if you want to do a quick job, then Graco Truecoat is up for the task.