Wagner Flexio 590 vs 890

If you are searching for a comfortable hand-held paint sprayer, then Wagner product is your answer. Wagner is a company which is well known for its paint sprayer products which have been produced for many series. One that has been known widely is the Wagner Flexio 590; this product is the reason why Wagner company still live on and get their success. Wagner Flexio 590 is the prime example of many paint technologies which are mixed and put into one machine. It can spray up to 10 feet surface in 1-5 minutes and can spray up to 8 gals per hour. Not only that, but this product is also versatile and very easy to be used. On the other hand, Wagner is also investing in their new product; it is the Wagner Flexio 890, Flexio 890 is a portable spray system with integrated storage for indoor and outdoor spraying. Wagner Flexio 890 is the combination of the iSpray nozzle with the X-Boost turbine which gives a flexible and powerful painting solution. So if you are interested in these products, let’s see the comparison.

Unlike the other traditional painters, Wagner Flexio 590 can be used with many various painting methods; you can choose to use thickened interior paints, latex paints, sealers, urethanes, stains, and other oil-base materials. After that, Wagner Flexio 590 has many features like the X-boost power setting or the Lock-n-go tech color change which allow you to change color in no time. These features also affected the overall quality of Wagner Flexio 590 which is lighter and easy to be handled. On the hand, Wagner Flexio 890 gives entirely new features, start from the ½ cup capacity which is ideal for spraying large interior room, decks, and cabinets. After that, you are offered with the additional storage bag to bring the nozzle and hose. Last but not least, is the 0.25-in and 0.125 in spray tips with 8.2-GPH and 14-in W spray fan which will give you powerful spraying tool.

Wagner Flexio 590 proves to be more effective for small scale painting. It provides so much comfort while spraying because of the X-boost power setting. The X-boost makes the handling of this machine the same like carrying a light-weight tool. The engine of Wagner Flexio 590 itself is so powerful along with the well-made nozzle which providing you a high-quality result. The other advantages are that Wagner Flexio 590 produce a constant painting and also very easy when the cleaning takes place. The only minus point is that Wagner Flexio is not suitable for big scale project and sometimes perform overspray. On the other side, Wagner Flexio 890 performs quite well when used for interior walls, edges, or the corner interior. Wagner Flexio can be sprayed faster than 590 for better coverage and saving more time than 590. Maybe you should consider buying this product if you love the cost efficient item. Other than that it can be used in large or small scale because of the addition of storage, but the handle itself is not as comfortable as Wagner Flexio 590.

In overall Wagner Flexio 590 and 890 has the same standard, but Wagner Flexio 590 is slightly better in the condition of the small-scale project, while the Flexio 890 is better for a project which needs to be done quickly.