Wagner Flexio 590 vs 690

Whether you want to choose a paint sprayer tool, the first thing that you should think is the quality of the paint sprayer. Some of you maybe consider an item with a popular brand, because usually, the well-made company products are delivering what we expect. Here are two well-made company products which are pretty good, Wagner Flexio 590 and Wagner Flexio 690. The Flexio 590 is the paint sprayer which is suitable for all kind of projects; you can use it as the outdoor, indoor, or even painting your properties. Wagner itself is a big company known for its top quality which always considering the customer demands. Not far from Wagner Flexio 590, Wagner Flexio 690 is also a paint sprayer which is ideal for every kind of objects, delivering such versatility with detail finishing nozzle and the same X-Boost turbine. Despite its various features, but Wagner products more-or-less have very similar features. These features somehow can be said as the specialty of Wagner products. So if you are interested in these products, let’s see the comparison below.

In overall, Wagner Flexio 590 has a very similar approach like the 690. Wagner 590 is providing 50% quieter along with 20% lighter machine performance. But you must note that this bold statement is based on the comparison between paint sprayer with the traditional airless sprayer which is why the percentage that it shows is not very reliable. After that, Wagner Flexio 590 also give many options for its painting ability; it can apply many various painters, start from the thickened interior as well as the exterior latex paints, sealers, urethanes, stains, and other oil-base materials. You are also offered with the X-boost power setting and Lock-n-go tech color change which allow you to switch the coloring process at ease. On the other hand, Wagner Flexio 690 has the same approach with some minimal upgrades in the machine. This model included a 2-stage powerful turbine, viscosity cup, and flexible air hose. It is very light in weight and also handy. It also has the Lock-n-go tech and the same X-boost power setting.

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Wagner is giving high standard in its machine quality, which is why Wagner Flexio 590 and Wagner Flexio 690 is on par in performance. Wagner Flexio is definitely a powerful paint sprayer which produces stripped, a roller-like finish which is perfect for your interior walls. The work speed itself is not bad, despite the effort that you need to give. You only need a little effort because of its X-boost power which refined its handling aspect. On the other hand, Wagner Flexio 690 is the product with simple and neat outlook which fit best for bigger project compared to Wagner Flexio 590. You can use thick latex paint without thinning with this sprayer. While the Wagner Flexio 590 is already powerful with the usage of its engine, then the Flexio 690 is even more powerful with the 373 Watt and 120-volt motor. Likewise, that engine gives an adjustable pressure for up to 2,800 PSI with the help of electric piston pump. The other features are pretty similar to the 590, but the addition of engine makes Flexio 690 is capable of a big range of painting operation.

In overall, both products have the same overall quality, but the condition to use these products differ one another. While Flexio 690 is fit to be utilized for a big scale painting, Wagner Flexio 590 is better used for a small scale painting.