Wagner Flexio 590 vs 570

If you want to paint your room or other places with ease, then maybe you should try Wagner Flexio product. There are many paint sprayers out there which are pretty good, but if you ask for the powerful paint sprayer which applies the modern features, then it comes to the Wagner Flexio brand. In this case, Wagner Flexio has many products which are pretty reliable, but considering the budget, it is better to say that the safest are the Wagner Flexio 590 and Wagner Flexio 570 which are series of paint sprayer which is capable of handling both the indoor and outdoor projects with ease. Wagner itself is a giant paint company which is known for its top quality products. Wagner 570 has many exciting features like the X-boost power setting, the efficiency rate which is pretty high, and other interesting features. The Wagner Flexio 570 then upgraded into Wagner Flexio 590 which is a little different from the 570. The Wagner Flexio 590 is an indoor/outdoor hand-held sprayer kit for many places. Equipped with the iSpray nozzle, and X-Boost turbine, it can provide a powerful and stylish painting for you. If you are interested in Wagner Flexio, then let’s see the comparison below.

Flexio 570 is an advanced model which has many futuristic features which other sprayers don’t have. First, It can apply many various painters; you can choose many like the spray thickened interior as well as the exterior latex paints, sealers, urethanes, stains, and other oil-base materials. After that, you can also count on its gun which is equipped which equipped with the Lock-n-go tech color change along with the cleanup process. However, despite all the tech it gives, Wagner 570 efficiency rate is still the average one, about 7.2 gallons per hour. You will be able to cover a standard surface of 80 square inches in less than four minutes. On the other hand, Flexio 590 is more or less the same like Flexio 570; the only difference is about the machine performance. Flexio 590 is more versatile and bring a new level of comfort. Wagner company make the Flexio 590 50% quieter and 20% lighter, which is big considering that painting is a tiring activity. (Have a look: Wagner Flexio 590 vs Graco Truecoat)

Wagner Flexio 590 can be considered as one of the most powerful paint sprayers that Wagner has made. Wagner added the machine with more power than the 570. Therefore, along with the detail finish nozzle, you will find it easy to get an excellent finishing and to repaint your furniture. It also shows a consistent spray pattern which is why the result is pretty neat and fascinating. Aside from that, the biggest advantage is about how easy you can handle this machine; it is all thanks to the X-Boost which keeps most of the weight off your hand. However, despite its powerful machine, Wagner Flexio 590 is lacking in the efficiency aspect. The amount of overspray is too much for this caliber of a product. On the other hand, Flexio 570 is more or less the same like 590 but noted that 590 is the upgraded series of 570, so it is understandable if 590 offers much more features than 570. The realization of the features itself is pretty good which is why 570 seems no more needed. But some factor like the budget maybe can make you feel Wagner Flexio 570 is a better choice than the 590.

Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 show us how a machine can be so complicated but still easy to use. In overall, Wagner has succeeded in making a useful and applicable paint sprayer. But these products are not cost efficient, which is the only factor that you should consider.