Wagner Flexio 590 Review: The Complete Painting Solution

In this Wagner Flexio 590 review, we will discuss about a complete sprayer kit that is very flexible and versatile, suitable for all kinds of painting projects. This device features two patented technologies that provide the needed power and convenience to spray any paint type on any surface. Wagner Flexio 590 is the one-for-all painting solution that you’ve been looking for all these times.

Ease of Use
Despite the advanced technologies and features, Wagner Flexio 590 is surprisingly very simple and easy to use. At first, it may look like a complex piece of equipment, but it actually isn’t. The device comes in three parts that are easy to assemble. Even if you get lost, the instruction manual is very helpful to get things right.

Wagner Flexio 590 has a knob on the cap which is for controlling the paint flow. This knob allows you to adjust how much paint to be pushed out through the nozzle at once. Tightening it will shut the inner valve and decrease the paint flow. This is very useful for preventing an overspray.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need the appropriate solutions when cleaning different types of paint. For example, you need to use warm soapy water to clean a latex paint. The other methods are well documented in the user manual. Overall, cleaning the reservoir is a fairly simple task – you only need to rinse it with water, put it back onto the unit, and pull the trigger a few times.

Ultimate Versatility
Wagner Flexio 590 comes with patented technologies that make it incredibly versatile and useful for a variety of projects. It can handle both thin and thick materials, including unthinned paints, thanks to the X-Boost turbine. This turbine is able to adjust the air pressure to the maximum level to deliver a smoother finish and faster coverage.

We have mentioned about the adjustable paint flow above, but Wagner Flexio 590 also comes with an adjustable nozzle. You can rotate the nozzle to change the pattern and the arc width. You may want to use a narrow pattern for smaller areas and corners, whereas a wider pattern is suitable for larger surfaces. Just be careful not to press the trigger when you are still adjusting the nozzle. Make sure that you fine-tune the nozzle every before starting.

At the maximum paint flow, Wagner Flexio 590 can spray about 8.0 gallons of paint per hour. This is an impressive speed. It can easily tackle down a surface of 8’ x 10’ within less than five minutes. The results are consistent with a light texture.

Wagner Flexio 590: Features
– Sprays up to 8.0 gallons per hour, suitable for a surface up to 8’ x 10’ in 1 –5 minutes
– X-Boost turbine boasts the power to spray unthinned interior/exterior paints and stains
– Innovative iSpray nozzle for fast coverage with a light texture finish
– Pattern adjustment for horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow directions
– Detail finish nozzle for fine finishes and small projects
– Adjustable paint flow to match project size and covering speed

Wagner Flexio 590: Pros
– Can handle thin and thick materials
– Easy to use, easy to clean
– Highly adjustable for all kinds of projects
– Can be very fast for painting a large area quickly
– Excellent value-per-price ratio and cost efficiency

As the conclusion of this Wagner Flexio 590 review, we can say that Wagner Flexio 590 is a truly great bang for the bucks. This paint kit is very versatile, suitable for all kinds of projects. It remains easy to use while offering consistently good results.