TimberTech vs Azek

Today, people usually look for a composite or plastic decking rather than a wooden decking. Even though woods indeed look much more elegant, they are very difficult to maintain. They require fairly frequent sealing if you don’t want them to grow mold and such. They are simply unsuitable for certain climates. Composite and plastic decks are much easier to maintain. Due to the easy maintenance, a composite or plastic decking can also last for a long time. Below, we will discuss about TimberTech vs Azek, two popular choices that people usually consider when looking for a composite or plastic decking.

The Materials
Perhaps the biggest difference between TimberTech and Azek products is the materials. These two brands use different decking materials. You should ask yourself whether you prefer a composite decking or a fully plastic decking.

TimberTech uses a wood-plastic composite material, a synthetic blend of wood flour and plastic. The pros of using a wood-plastic composite material like TimberTechare: it can simulate the wooden feel and look much closer to the real thing, it doesn’t radiate heat very much, and it offers a great value-per-price ratio. The decking will look nice and feel very comfortable. However, the decking will still require some maintenance if you want it to last.

On the other hand, Azek uses PVC as the decking material. It is very, very convenient because it requires little to no maintenance. It is resistant to stains, mold, mildew, and insects. It also has decent durability against scratches. However, it doesn’t really simulate the look and texture of wood, and it tends to radiate more heat.

You should choose TimberTech if the installation will not have to face high levels of humidity. The look and feel are much better. You should also choose TimberTech for a place with a direct exposure to the sun, because PVC isn’t good for such place – it can accumulate heat, expand, or contract when exposed to high temperature levels. However, you should choose Azek if you are worried about exposure to moisture or insects.

The Available Lines
In general, TimberTech’s products can be classified into two groups, the regular composite decking and capped composite decking. The difference is that the capped composite decking features a PVC skin for increased protection. You can choose the capped composite decking if you prefer a PVC surface but with a composite core to reduce the negative characteristics of PVC.

Azek also provides two lines of products, the regular PVC decking and the PVC trim. The latter line seems to be an enhanced version with increased resistance to swelling, cupping, and chipping.

Both TimberTech and Azek provide similar color collections that fall into three large categories. The Warm Refined Browns have mineral-based colors. The Traditional Americana Reds have a wide range of wood accent colors. The Sophisticated Grays have several intensity levels of grays.

In general, TimberTech is more preferred because of the better look and feel of the composite material. It is more comfortable because it won’t radiate much heat. However, you can choose Azek if you need to use a PVC material instead, which requires very low maintenance and great durability. Keep in mind that PVC is not good for places with direct exposure to the sun or heat.