Tarva Bed Frame Review: Affordable yet Pretty Durable for Activities

We should be honest. IKEA products are not exactly the sturdiest things in the world. The same goes to the bed frames. However, you don’t actually need a nuke-proof bed frame, unless there is a chance that you are going to hide under the bed frame for protection from some disaster. Anyway, for a bed frame that is just sufficiently rugged and durable enough to handle some moderately intense activities, there are some IKEA models that are actually good and usable. Tarva Bed Frame is one that you can put into consideration if you need something affordable and budget-friendly. It looks simple yet nice and elegant in its own way. It is relatively easy to set up and to maintain. And, it is pretty rugged and durable.

Tarva Bed Frame is available in several variants. You can choose to get either the Luroy or Lonset slats. The Luroy slats are straight and have little to no flexibility. Meanwhile, the Lonset slats are curved and much more flexible. The Lonset slats are generally better than the Luroy slats because they are bouncier and more comfortable. Tarva Bed Frame is also available in two different sizes, Full and Queen.

As you can see, the majority of the bed frame is made from solid wood. To be exact, it is constructed from solid pine, which is durable and warm. However, the wood is untreated. You can oil, wax, or lacquer the surface to make it more durable and easier to maintain. Meanwhile, the slats are made from layer-glued birch. The SKORVA midbeam is included but packaged separately, made from galvanized steel for support and durability. This bed frame requires manual assembly, but the process is relatively easy and simple. Tarva Bed Frame is also easy to clean and maintain. You just need a damp cloth to wipe it clean and a dry, clean cloth to remove the moisture. By the way, this bed frame is also compatible with the ROMSKOG under-bed storage box, which will enable you to take advantage of the space under the bed for extra storage.

Tarva Bed Frame is considerably rugged and durable, but that does not mean that it does not move at all. It may move slightly back and forth, which is why you want to put it not directly against the wall. This is especially true if you are going to use the bed for some night activities; it may cause some annoying knocking noise if it is put directly against the wall. Giving some distance between the headboard and the wall will solve the issue. Still, Tarva Bed Frame is certainly usable and reliable. It holds up well and is definitely sturdy enough for two fairly large adults. It can even last for years if maintained properly.

Specifications of Tarva Bed Frame
Models: Bed frame
Size: Full
Slatted bed base: Luröy
Product dimensions
Width: 144 cm (56 3/4 “)
Length: 199 cm (78 3/8 “)
Mattress width: 135 cm (53 1/8 “)
Mattress length: 189 cm (74 3/8 “)
Headboard height: 95 cm (37 3/8 “)
Footboard height: 32 cm (12 5/8 “)
This product requires assembly
Bed frame: Solid pine
Center support beam: Galvanized steel
Ribbon: 100 % polypropylene, 100 % polyester
Layer glued slats: Beech veneer and Beech veneer, with Adhesive resin as coating
Layer glued slats: Eucalyptus veneer and Pine veneer, with Adhesive resin as coating

Pros of Tarva Bed Frame
– Very affordable and budget-friendly
– Looks simple yet nice
– Sufficiently durable enough for moderately intense activities
– Easy to set up, easy to clean

Price of Tarva Bed Frame
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