Steel vs Acrylic Bathtub

Most probably, you are currently confused in choosing between a steel bathtub and an acrylic bathtub. Which bathtub should you put in your bathroom? The question has indeed become one of the most toilsome dilemmas that a lot of people face in planning and renovating their homes.

Each type has each own advantages and disadvantages. In general, with proper care and maintenance, both are quite durable and sturdy enough to last. However, some characteristical differences may cause you to prefer one over the other. Here are the comparisons of the two.

Steel Bathtub

A steel bathtub is made from a sheet of steel, which is pressed into shape. It then receives an enamel coating, sprayed all over the surface in order to deliver a durable and hygienic finish. It also underwent heating at very high temperatures, which is meant to form a strong chemical bond between the steel layer and the enamel coating.

Acrylic Bathtub

While initially acrylic bathtubs are considered somewhat unreliable and gimcrack, thanks to the advancement of technology, acrylic bathtubs are now actually a feasible option! An acrylic bathtub is typically shaped from acrylic and can be 4, 5, or 8 mm thick. It is then reinforced with a wooden or steel support frame and a baseboard at the center. A fiberglass reinforcement spray finishes the product, creating a strong, low-cost bathtub.


In general, an acrylic bathtub is almost always the most cost-efficient choice. An acrylic bathtub is comfortable, easy to maintain, and the good models are just as rugged as the steel counterparts. A steel bathtub is especially very cold to the touch, but it gets warm very easily once you fill it with warm water. Hence, a steel bathtub is excellent if you have warm water in the bathroom.

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