Squatty Potty vs Step and Go

Apparently, a healthy bowels is very important and going to the toilet everyday will both makes your tummy feels better and body lighter. The debate about squatting and sitting position in the toilet is still going on but many of us do see and experience the benefit of squatting. If you also want to try the benefit, using either Squatty Potty vs Step and Go can be a great start for the journey. However, check our article below before deciding to use any of them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you have a Bowel Movement Issue
– What are Squatty Potty and Step and Go
– What Squatty Potty and Step and Go Look Like
– What Squatty Potty and Step and Go can offer to you
– How about the Capacity of Squatty Potty and Step and Go
– Squatty Potty vs Step and Go

Bowel Movement Issue
A happy tummy is filled with healthy, nutritionally balanced foods and have a regular bowel movements to make sure there are less residue and weight that not only increase your scale but also make it uncomfortable especially when it has been days since your last visit to the toilet. When we said regular, it doesn’t mean the same for everyone because our body is working differently and depend on our body, it can be as frequent as 3 times a day or as rare as 3 times a week.

When your bowel movement is less than 3 times a week, this is what we call as constipation and taken from Healthline, this is actually a very common problems because in the United States alone,there are about two and half a million people visiting their doctors with the same problems and even hundreds of millions spent to purchase laxatives to help deal with the problem. Besides less frequent visits to the bathroom, struggling while defecating is also a sign of constipating.

While the cause of constipating is varying widely and sometimes it can happen without a clear reason as well, some of them may be caused by the change of diet or physical activity level, medication, or when your body doesn’t get enough hydration. In higher level issue, it can be a symptom of certain health condition which resulted in bowel blockage.

About Squatty Potty and Step and Go
Seeing the common issue, it is also understandable when people are starting to place a stool on their toilet and not just for their children or toddlers to use, the parents and adults in the house can also utilize this stool for a better posture while defecating. Many of us use toilet stool for their children when doing potty training but with the fact that squatting is actually more ideal for bowel movement, you may want to try using one as well.

Potty training can have different method from using the potty chair to use the real toilet but with the help of an additional seat and, one of the most important is stool. In the past, toilet stool is only used by children since their feet can’t reach the ground yet while urinating or defecating but as toilet stool becoming more popular, the Squatty Potty and Step and Go can be a good tool to try the posture and see if the position is comfortable or beneficial for you.

This is because while squatting position is indeed often claimed as the best posture while using the toilet, bowel movement is actually more complex than just the angle of the colon. Overall, our diet, activity level, and body health will also determine whether we will have an easy time in the bathroom or not. Read also: Child Step Stool vs Squatty Potty here.

Squatty Potty vs Step and Go Design
If you want to try this toilet support, either Squatty Potty and Step and Go are two popular options we can choose and get easily in the market. In a glance they are very similar to each other since they are equally made from durable plastic and comes in the same fashion of clean white, so unlike the one we often see from Squat n Go, apparently there is no other color option we can choose here which should better suit your whole toilet look.

Since we are talking about the solid type, they are not foldable and will take some space in your bathroom even when not in use. The Squatty Potty in our article is the 7-inch model since it also have 9-inch version and this one is measured at 21-inch wide, 13-inch deep, and 7-inch tall while the latter Step and Go is at 20-inch wide, 11.5-inch deep, and 7-inch tall.

Squatty Potty and Step and Go Feature
As for features, there is not much thing we can discuss here because they are identical at the core. First, they equally have the same gritty, textured surface located on the stepping surface in which is very useful to help the feet to not slip easily when wet while you are stepping up or down so it becomes safer. Second, since none of them are foldable, we have to deal with the whole unit when not in use but, Squatty Potty does have the one we can fold and stow.

Squatty Potty and Step and Go Capacity
Another thing we want to mention about Squatty Potty and Step and Go is the capacity because it is necessary to keep things safe and for heavier user, it is always best to go for the higher and wider stool as well if possible. In this part, the first stool is mentioned to be able to sustain weight up to 250 lbs. while the latter is even sturdier for it can hold up to 300 lbs. weight which means we don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the stool when stepping on it.

These two toilet stools are very similar to each other and it is quite hard to choose in between since they have the same or identical features and materials. However, it can be generally said that Squatty Potty is slightly larger in size but Step and Go is larger in capacity because it can sustain more weight.

Squatty Potty vs Step and Go

Squatty PottyStep and Go
- Slightly bigger- More compact
- Less capacity- More capacity
- Slightly more expensive- Slightly more affordable
- Available in 2 height options- Only available in 7-inch tall
- More expensive- More affordable

Choosing between the two often end on which model will be the more affordable but since they also have the same price, we do recommend to go with any stool seems more promising to you yet, if you need a support higher than 7-inch, we do recommend getting Squatty Potty.