Squat n Go 7 vs Squatty Potty

Squatting has been found to be beneficial for our bowel movement since it is promoting a more ideal alignment and is healthier for people with some related issues. Squat n Go 7 vs Squatty Potty are a good tool to have on your toilet because it is supporting the leg to be higher and deliver the more ideal position without us having to learn squatting. For those who want to try any of them, see which brand will fit you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is the Benefit of Squatting
– What are Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty
– What Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty Look like
– What Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty can offer
– How much are the Capacity of Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty
– Squat n Go 7 vs Squatty Potty

Benefit of Squatting
Being healthy is more important than anything and we are doing our best to keep the fitness level good and try to choose for a better food quality as well as remove the overly processed foods that not only bad in nutrition but may also cause obesity when consumed regularly. Going to the bathroom routinely also one of the signs of a healthy body and we often have to rely on laxative to flush down those waste due to constipation and any similar problems.

Constipation is not a rare issue because almost all of us ever experienced it and while it can be stressful at times, changing diet, changing our level of activity, and try squatting are all nice solutions that we can do to help relieve constipation. If you have done the first two, it is now to try the last and while it is quite recent being known by the society, the benefit seems to be legit. Taken from theConversation, the pose allow for more ideal defecating activity.

This is because the puborectalis muscle that loops around the rectum, similar to a sling will be normally pulling the rectum forward to create a tight angle or also known as anorectal angle and during the defecating activity, the puborectalis muscle will relax while the anorectal angle will widen so in the end it is widening the anorectal angle even more for straighter passage or stools to pass through when we are in a squatting position.

About Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty
As the benefit of squatting is widely spreading, so the stools to help people reach the ideal position because it is more cost saving compared to remodeling the bathroom to have a more traditional toilet which not all of us are actually fond of. There are various stools we can use out there from different brands but two of the most popular will be Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty. They are similarly offering squatting stool for toilet users and overall have the same product description.

However, it doesn’t mean that the product is equally identical since we will always find little things here and there that set them apart to each other. As for the Squat n Go 7, this mean the 7-inch version and this height is often depicted as the ideal height for adults to reach the ideal position and it is the same for Squatty Potty which measured with the same height yet, they also have a taller version for shorter adult or children.

Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty Design
From the outside, both of them are practically different in terms of design because as you can see on the sample picture above, they are not using the same form despite equally made from durable, hardened plastic in white color. What’s different is, as for the regular stool, Squat n Go also appear to be detachable into 3 parts which make it ideal for narrower bathroom. On the other side Squatty Potty is solid and more similar to a children’s chair.

They are also not going to take so much space in your toilet because for Squat n Go, this model is measured at 20-inch wide, 12.5-inch deep, and 7-inch tall while the latter is almost the same at 21-inch wide, 13-inch deep, and 7-inch tall. In addition to white, Squat n Go also available in various pretty color options such as blue, pink, and green. Read also: Squatty Potty vs Step and Go here.

Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty Feature
On the feature part, there is not much thing we can talk about these stools because at the core they are the same and even though they are made by different manufacturers, as far as stools go the main benefit will stay the same. However, let’s see what we can find here first and what we want to talk about is there is no textured surface on Squat n Go in which Squatty Potty has some gritty stepping panel that is great to help your feet stay in place and avoid slipping.

As it has been mentioned above, Squatty Potty is available in two sizes, especially the standard model and it is 7-inch then 9-inch so in case your body height is shorter or there are children in the house, they can choose to use the taller version. Squat n Go 7 standard model currently don’t have any other sizing options for this model yet. However, it is supporting a more compact form because we can detach all of the 3 parts and put them together like when we are storing bowls.

Squat n Go 7 and Squatty Potty Capacity
The last important thing that we want to mention is the weight capacity because it is necessary to keep in mind and let us all be safer when using them. In this part, the Squat n Go toilet stool is supporting weight up to 300 lbs. in which Squatty Potty is only at 250 lbs. but, this amount of capacity should be fine with the general users of any of these stools.

Comparing these two toilet stool is great to see which model will benefit you the most but in general, Squat n Go 7 is more compact due to its folding ability as well as having more fashion option in the catalogue but, it doesn’t have gritty non-slippery surface and there is a gap between the stepping surface which can be less comfortable in comparison to when having a wider, elongated surface to set on.

Squat n Go 7 vs Squatty Potty

Squat n Go 7Squatty Potty
- More color options- Only available in white
- Only at 7-inch tall- 7-inch and 9-inch tall
- Foldable- Solid
- Has no textured surface- Textured stepping surface

At this point we are sure most of you already know which stool to get and bring home because they are quite different but, if we are to choose, Squatty Potty with a flat connection between the two stepping surface is a better choice, moreover, they also have non-slip surface and offer higher stool for shorter users.