Spectracide vs Bayer Advanced

Dealing with weeds is quite a challenge for homeowners and gardeners. Most weeds are annuals; they complete their life cycle in one growing session, so they are relatively easier to take care of. However, perennial weeds are more difficult to control. They can live for years while spreading their roots beneath the soil. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of two popular weed killers on the market, which are Spectracide vs Bayer Advanced. Which one is better for dealing with those annoying weeds?

About the Spectracide Weed Killer
Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns is a concentrate that can kill more than 200 types of weeds, so there is a high chance that this product can also handle your weed problems. It kills all major broadleaf weeds, including clover, chickweed, and dandelion. It is a complete solution, as it can also kill the weed roots to prevent them from growing back. It claims that it is able to deliver results overnight.

Spectracide is highly effective. It can kill the weaker weeds within a few hours, but the tougher weeds may take two or three weeks. Depending on the severity of your weed problem, you may need to repeat the treatment a few weeks after the first treatment. Make sure that you read the labels and follow the directions because every weed killer is unique.

There is an important limitation to this product. You should never use it on the Floratam variety of St. Augustine grass. In addition, this product is not effective for killing crabgrass. So, if you are dealing with crabgrass, you may need to combine it with another weed killer or simply use a different product that can handle them all.

The active ingredients in Spectracide are 2,4-D dimethylamine salt, dicamba, and mecoprop-p dimethylamine salt.The 32-fl.oz. bottle is sufficient for treating a land area of up to 16,000-sq.ft.

About the Bayer Advanced Weed Killer
The big difference between Spectracide vs Bayer Advanced is the fact that the Bayer advanced weed killer can handle crabgrass as well as broadleaf weeds. Bayer Advanced All-in-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer is a concentrate that is able to kill more than 200 types of weeds including crabgrass. The rainproof formula can effectively eradicate even the toughest weeds, making it one of the best weed killers available in the market.

The active ingredients of Bayer Advanced are sodium methylarsonate, dicamba, and dimethylamine salts. This concentrate is quite more potent, but each bottle can only treat a land of up to 5,000-sq.ft.

It is also important to point out that Bayer Advanced has more limitations. Just like the Spectracide, it should not be used on the Floratam variety of St. Augustine grass. It is also not suitable for carpetgrass, centipedegrass, bahiagrass, and dichondra.

If you are dealing with crabgrass, you should use Bayer Advanced. Be careful, though, as it has more limitations. Make sure that you read the labels and follow the instructions. If you are not dealing with crabgrass, Spectracide makes a better solution, as it has fewer limitations and can be quite more efficient in terms of cost.