Soma Water Filter vs Brita

In this modern era, you will find a lot of modern water treatment machine hanging around everywhere in the market. That is because nowaday people are starting to realize how important a healthy life is. It is an undisputable fact that the modern era gives you many luxurious treatments which are why many people have a consumptive attitude. The problems are many, but the solutions are there. One that can help you get a healthy life is the water. You can start it by changing you water treatment machine into the water filter which will purify your water into the quality that you need.

There are two products of water filter that are quite unusual in the market, the Soma Water Filter and the Brita Water Filter. Soma Water Filter is the next-generation water filter which is simply fascinating, it delivers crisp, clean water, and a minimalist good look. On the other hand, Brita is also a water filter which is made by the Brita company which has reigned the water filter market for over 20 years. Brita products are flourishing the market, it is dominating the water filter industry because of its pure quality, and people are trusting this product. So if you are interested in learning more about these products, let’s see the comparison below.

The Brita Water Filter is probably the spotlight here, but Soma also gives a good reason why we need to consider Soma as a high standard water filter. Brita filters are certified by the NSF International; it includes the NSF Standards 42 and 53. Brita has a well-organized company with the high standardization which is why Brita has been known widely in this world. On the other hand, Soma is an attractive water pitcher which somehow similar to Brita, but with some little improvement in many places. If Brita is praised by its quality, then Soma can be praised for its innovation and beautiful design. It is more or less looks like the improved version of Brita.

Soma is definitely beautiful for its appearance, but does the quality is the same as its appearance? The answer is no. Basically, you expect a water filter to have a certificate which proves them to be a standardized product. In this term, Soma fails to deliver because they fail to mention how well it did for the NSF test and they are not claiming that this product can reduce chlorine like what we expect, it only improves the smell and taste. The other thing is Soma also lacking in the ability to remove contaminants from our drinking water which is worsened by the company which did not make any claim or statement about this problem. On the other side, Brita has proven to the world for its standardized performance. All the Brita’s claims also have been proven by many researchers which is why we don’t need to worry about Brita’s overall quality. The downside, though, Brita is not developing well enough in the design term, Brita still using the same old-style design which is not attracting in many ways.

In overall quality it is a complete win for the Brita Water Filter, however, in the design term, Soma is better. But the deciding factor in choosing water filter is placed on its quality and scientific proof. Many of the company claiming that their product is the best, but without proof, everything is just rhetoric. So Brita wins because it has every factor that it needs to make it a top quality water filter.