Schlage vs Kwikset

Whether you want your house to be safe or not is more or less dependent on what materials that you used when building your house. One that being underrated is the door lock. The door lock is usually used by considering not only your comfort but also the security aspect. There are two brands that are quite well-known out there; they are the Schlage and the Kwikset. These brands are using a cylindrical mechanism which you must pay attention for its quality to avoid a sagging handle. The typical cylindrical set springs are not as reliable as the one in the mortise sets. Kwikset is companies which cover a wide range of mass marketed commercial and residential hardware. Its quality is considered as the average one, but the wide range of distribution line will give you many possibilities to see this product in many stores out there. On the other hand, Schlage is made by a huge hardware company owned by the Ingersoll Rand. This company is emphasizing so much in their security products, which make Schlage has very high standards in safety aspect.

The Schlage door lock has so many series in the catalog; it has F series which is the basic door hardware which is found in almost every home. After that, it has A series, S series, AL series, and the D series. We need to give our attention to the S and AL series. S series is built for the medium to heavy duty use. The S series gives us an extra steel locking components which provide the additional strength, whereas the two independent heavy duty torsion springs to prevent lever sagging. If the S series is an excellent product, then the AL and D series are top quality door hardware built for the highest security. On the contrary, Kwikset also has the series, but it feels that Kwikset lacks in the safety aspect. Though, Kwikset cover it with the other features like the remote access which can be used for up to 30 customizable user codes.

The Schlage door lock is giving you the best quality in the security aspect and catalog which will ensure you to pick your door lock for your exact condition. The other thing is that you can use an Apple TV 3 gen or above to remote unlock it. After that, it also offers a program which works with iOS and Android. You can also count on its durability which is excellent for a door lock. On the other hand, Kwikset does not only lack the security aspect, but it also no compatible for Android and lacking the durability. You will find that using the Kwikset is somehow modern and useful, but if you start using Schlage, you will see the big gap between these two products.

We recommend you to choose the Schlage door lock than the Kwikset. It is because Schlage is giving you a high standard security, well-described series, and many superior features compared to the Kwikset.