Satin vs Gloss Finish

Satin and Gloss Finishes are not very new terms. The problem comes in when one has to make a choice between them. There are also other different finishes remain the most popular. Most people will definitely disagree with each other in regard to there preference. The whole matter though, lies between presence and absence of sheen. Sheen deals with the reflective nature of a wall or how much light the wall can reflect. Below is a detailed difference between Satin vs Gloss Finish.

Satin Finish
This detailed information is a sure guide to anybody who will want the best finish to his or her wall. Satin Finish probably lies between flat finish and Gloss Finish. It also referred to as eggshell finishes. In this finish, little sheen is applied. This makes it to shine less than Gloss Finish. It also brings minimal reflection as a result. It is most preferred for its nature which easily hides painting imperfection. There is a chemical that is added to Satin Finish. This chemical breaks up the top layer reducing reflection. This happens even with the application of more sheen. This finish is preferred by many also because of its uniform reflective quality and shine. This finish looks smarter and it is flexible. This means you can add more coat on top of it and retain its smartness.

Gloss Finish
In Gloss Finish, more sheen is applied. This finish gives a high shining finish look. This is the best choice for those who like shiny surface. It is easier to clean Gloss Finishes depending on the kind of paint used. In any painting and varnishing work, am sure you’re to be interested with the final look. More preparations and work though is required by this finish before applying it. The final look will definitely look impressive ad more appealing when applied professionally. The main disadvantages with this finish though is its requirement of an even and stable surface. If this requirement is not met, one will fail terribly in establishing a perfect professional finish.

In conclusion, there are crucial considerations in making the right finish of your wall or that piece of furniture. Depending on the amount of shine you will apply be sure of the kind of wall surface you want. Satin Finish gives a wall or furniture an even sold block appearance. It makes a surface easier to clean compared to Gloss Finish. Every result though, in Gloss Finish, depends in the professionalism of application and type of paint used. Satin Finishes has a number of advantages over Gloss Finish. In Satin Finish, you can add an extra coat on top and still end up with a perfect finishing. As you make your final choice in Satin vs Gloss Finish, bare in mind one major outcome in both. Satin hides whatever little underneath while Gloss Finish doesn’t. Instead Gloss Finish highlights every imperfection underneath. The amount of shine in both Satin and Gloss Finish makes the difference.