Sateen vs Cotton Sheets

Of all sheet materials used on the products on the market, sateen and cotton have always been among the most popular. These sheets are lightweight and not very thick, making them great choices for the warmer days. Sateen and cotton sheets also have neat looks, and they may come in various fancy colors and decorative images.

However, sateen sheets and cotton sheets have each own advantages and disadvantages. Most probably, you are now wondering whether you should get a sateen sheet or cotton sheet for your bedroom. Below, we are going to take a look on each of them, as well as their comparisons.

Sateen Sheets

Sateen sheets are actually also made from cotton; however, they are weaved specially to expose more yarn surface on the surface of the cloth than the other basic weaves. As the effect, a sateen sheet often has an incredibly softer texture, as well as more lustrous, sheeny looks. A sateen sheet features a high thread count and makes use of filler thread to provide its tactile feel.

Cotton Sheets

On the other hand, most cotton sheets have a thread count of only between 120 to 180 per inch. No wonder that cotton sheets tend to feel rough to the touch. However, cotton sheets are very affordable and budget-friendly. They are also more pleasant to use, as they tend to absorb sweat better.


If you want to save some dimes, you can go with cotton sheets. They do the job very well without spending so much. Though, of course, sateen sheets appear more attractive and elegant.