Range Top vs Stove Top

The terms “range top” and “stove top” are often used interchangeably. Many people often use different names to refer to the same thing. But, are “range top” and “stove top” really the same thing? The truth is, there are actual and definable differences that set the two apart. And due to the differences, you may prefer either a range top or stove top for your kitchen. Continue reading below to better understand what range top vs stove top are.

About the Stove Top
Technically, a stove is an enclosed space that uses fuel to produce heat. As you can see, the meaning is quite broad. However, a stove used for cooking usually includes a stovetop, which is the upper surface that includes the burners. If the stovetop is separated from the stove, it is more commonly referred as a cooktop. There are wide varieties of stovetops, indeed. Typically, the burners of a stovetop are clearly separated from each other. They may use gas or electricity.

About the Range Top
A range top is a type of stovetop that has its own fuel and is connected to an oven. So, a range top installation usually consists of a cooking surface on the top and an oven at the bottom. This is an all-in-one cooking solution that is the most commonly sold cooking appliance in the United States. However, note that range tops are different from those wall ovens that use separate cooktops, common to be found in high-end kitchens. Range tops may use gas, electricity, or induction, and some modern designs may make the cooking surface flat regardless of the burners. (Check also this cokparison : Rangetop vs Cooktop)

Space Requirement
Of course, one of the biggest factors that you need to consider when choosing between a range top vs stove top is the available space in your kitchen. If your kitchen is tight or cramped, you definitely should choose an all-in-one solution, which is the range top. By having your oven and cooking top integrated to each other, you can save a lot of space. No wonder that range tops are the most popular in the United States. Besides, the contemporary design is also nice and stylish.

On the other hand, installing a stove top with a stand-alone oven enables greater flexibility to your kitchen layout. But it will require considerably more space. So, this is best for wide kitchens.

Actually, the performance of your cooking appliance depends more on the quality of the device and the type of fuel used. When choosing a range top or stove top, you can choose a gas-based model if you need high heating power. There are natural gas and LP models available. Most of the electric and induction models have less heating power than the gas models.

A range top is a cooking surface that is integrated to an oven. It is great for tight kitchens, as it doesn’t eat much space. On the other hand, a stove top is usually a stand-alone cooking surface. Using a dedicated oven and a stove top enables greater flexibility to the kitchen layout, but will require significantly more space.