Quiet Cool vs Whole House Fan

Whole house fans have become very popular solutions for controlling and keeping the temperatures in comfortable levels. Using a whole house fan can also help to keep the electricity bills low, as you will not have to turn on the air conditioner all the time. Among the available products on the market, Quiet Cool is one that stands out. Quiet Cool’s systems have gained lots of attention. Is Quiet Cool really better than traditional whole house fans? See the differences between Quiet Cool vs Whole House Fan below!

The first thing that Quiet Cool boasts over traditional whole house fans is the quietness. Although whole house fans have actually been around for decades, they haven’t been popular until recently because of the buzzing noise. When turned on, a traditional whole house fan may produce a sound like a whirring helicopter. The noise is very loud and annoying that regular conversations can be very difficult to conduct.

Because of this reason, a traditional whole house fan is usually only turned on for a few minutes. However, turning off the whole house fan will interrupt the air circulation, and the heat will just return before getting exhausted out entirely.

On the other hand, Quiet Cool has a sophisticated motor and fan design that enables it to operate very quietly. The sound is very low that you won’t really notice it unless you stay silent for a moment. Quiet Cool will allow your family to conduct conversations as usual, without producing disturbing whirring noise. See also: Quiet Cool vs Centric Air.

While traditional whole house fans generally require less power than typical air conditioners, they are not very efficient. This is especially true if the whole house fan is only turned on for a few minutes. It will consume power without exhausting the heatproperly out from the house.

As explained above, Quiet Cool is quiet so that it can be operated continuously to exhaust the heat out from the house. In addition, the motor and fan are designed to operate with high efficiency. Compared to a typical air conditioner, the Quiet Cool system consumes 90% less power.

Visual Appeal
Finally, the difference between Quiet Cool vs Whole House Fan is the appearance or visual appeal. Traditional models usually have shutter louver systems that don’t look very nice. You can see the attic right through the fan. Not to mention that such design will allow heat and dust from the attic to get into the home.

Quiet Cool eliminates the issue by using barometric-pressurized gravity dampers. When turned on, the gravity dampers will be blown open to allow a clear path for the air. When turned off, the dampers will be closed by the gravity force. The only visible thing from inside the home is the white grille on the ceiling.

In general, Quiet Cool systems are indeed better than traditional whole house fans. Quiet Cool systems operate much more quietly, are more efficient, and do look nicer. Since the system operate very quietly, you and your family can turn it on continuously until it has properly exhausted the heat.