Quiet Cool vs Comfort Cool

It does not really make sense if you turn on the air conditioner to cool your home when the outside air is actually cooler. That’s just not efficient. This scenario often happens in places with hot days and cool nights. When facing such a dramatic temperature change, people usually use whole-house fans so that they can exhaust the hot indoor air and bring in the cool outdoor air. Two great whole-house fans that people usually install in their homes are Quiet Cool and Comfort Cool. Below, we will see the comparisons between Quiet Cool vs Comfort Cool to help you choose the right product for your home.

About Quiet Cool Fans
A whole-house fan is fitted on the ceiling in an opening which is cut into the attic. When the outdoor air is cooler than the inside temperature, residents usually turn on the whole-house fan and open the windows. This way, the whole-house fan can flush the hot indoor air through the attic and out, while the cooler air from the outside comes through the windows.

The Quiet Cool whole-house fan is designed in exactly the same way. However, it is powered by a low-noise motor, so it will not make any noise pollution. It claims to be able to cool your home and attic by up to 30 degrees. When turned on, it will create a smooth breeze that turns down the temperature by about 10 degrees near-instantly. The manufacturer recommends that you start the cooling process from the room that is going to be the most occupied. For example, the early evening in most family situations is usually spent in the kitchen and family room, so start from these areas.

Quiet Cool is the patent holder of ducted whole-house fans, so you will not really find similar products on the market. A Quiet Cool whole-house fan has its motorhead 3 – 6 feet away from the ceiling grille. It uses an acoustically lined duct. As a result, the operation is ultra-quiet. It is also smaller, making it easier to clean. (Take a look : Quiet Cool vs Airscape)

About Comfort Cool Fans
Quiet Cool vs Comfort Cool whole-house fans are quite different. Comfort Cool aims to provide more affordable alternatives to homeowners. The main benefit that Comfort Cool whole-house fans offer is the superior energy efficiency.

Unlike other whole-house fans which use an open-face motor and an unbalanced fan blade, Comfort Cool boasts the closed-face German Engineered motor. This sophisticated motor boasts the ability to produce 30% more energy using 1/3 less energy, compared to other industry-standard whole-house fans. Furthermore, the motor is rated to have at least 40,000 hours of lifetime, so it is quite durable.

The composite material, wing tip design, and Quiet Flex ductwork are implemented to make the operation quieter than traditional whole-house fans. Some models are equipped with a remote control and timer.

Quiet Cool fans are great because of their ultra-quiet operation. If you are looking for a system that is very silent, Quiet Cool is the way to go. However, if you don’t mind slight audible noise, Comfort Cool is an excellent value for the money. It has been optimized for highly efficient energy consumption. Besides, it is actually quieter than traditional fans, so it is still quite convenient to use.