Quiet Cool vs Centric Air

If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution for your home’s cooling system, a whole-house fan can be a very good answer. A decent whole-house fan can effectively pull the hot, stale air from the inside of your home and replace it with the cool air from the outside. In addition, a whole-house fan requires significantly less energy than an air conditioner. Quiet Cool and Centric Air are two of the most renowned manufacturers of whole-house fans; we will see the comparisons between Quiet Cool vs Centric Air below to determine which one is the best solution.

Quiet Cool
Once installed, Quiet Cool is easy to use. You can start a cool breeze to move throughout your home by opening one or two windows and turning n the Quiet Cool whole-house fan. The cooler air from the outside will immediately create a breeze as it travels through out the home before it becomes hot and gets pulled out by the system.

It is recommended that you start the system from the area that is going to be the most occupied. For example, if your family is about to gather in the dining room for dinner, you should start cooling the dining room first. Make sure that you don’t open too many windows. Also, avoid opening the windows to widely. This may reduce the flow of the breeze.

The Quiet Cool whole-house fan is very effective for cooling the room. It can cool down the air temperature by about 10 degrees almost immediately after turned on. In a continued operation, it can keep the temperature about 30 degrees lower than the usual. The most popular model, Quiet Cool CL-3100 Original Classic, is able to produce 3009 CFM air flow, and is suitable for an area of up to 1500 square feet.

Centric Air
Just like Quiet Cool, Centric Air is a whole-house fan that comes with everything necessary to install and operate the system. The package includes an industrial-grade backdraft damper, sound-absorbing acoustical ductwork, custom high airflow grill, and remote control or wall switch. Some models have two speeds and a cold climate damper.

The difference between Quiet Cool vs Centric Air is that, unlike Quiet Cool, Centric Air does not use open-faced motor and exposed electrical windings. Unprotected motor and electrical windings can easily catch dust and debris, which, in turn, may cause blockage and overheating. Each Centric Air model utilizes a closed motor and protected electrical windings, which means that it can be more durable.

Centric Air 3.1B Whole-House Fan is a great model. It is very quiet and maintenance-free. It is able to produce 3054 CFM air flow. The package also includes a wireless remote control.

All in all, Centric Air makes the better choice. It uses a protected motor and electrical windings, which allow it to be more durable and last longer. It also has better features, such as the damper and wireless remote control.