Quiet Cool vs Airscape

Apparently, a lot of us have faced the bane of summer: struggling to sleep in a roasting-hot bedroom late at night. To counter such predicament, thankfully, there are multiple options available over the market.

As air conditioners tend to consume quite a chunk of electricity, some people don’t fancy these products. Thus, whole house fans become the new cool thing nowadays. A whole house fan is able to expel the hot air from the inside of your house and draw the cool air from the outside. Hence, the resulted air current also feels more natural and fresh. There are two popular whole house fans right now: Quiet Cool and Airscape. Which one is best for you?

Quiet Cool

Quiet Cool is one of the top manufacturers of whole-house fans. The products are made in the US, and they typically feature the acoustic duct-style construction, which, in turn, promotes a whisper-quiet operation. There is a claim that Quiet Cool is the holder of the patent for the acoustic duct-style system. In addition, Quiet Cool has a loose distribution network, but the installers are all factory-trained.


For now, Airscape is one of the biggest contenders to Quiet Cool on the market. Their products also promote the whisper-quiet technology, which becomes a topic of debate, as Airscape is said to infringe the patent of Quiet Cool. In addition, Airscape also has a loose distribution system, but the installers are not always factory-trained.

So, in choosing between Quiet Cool and Airscape, Quiet Cool is generally more recommendable. Besides that the installation staffs are more reliable, the brand also tends to be friendlier to the budget.