Por 15 vs Eastwood Rust Encapsulator

If your car is getting many of the problems like the coating or the rusting process in its body, then you probably can try these two products, Por 15 and Rust Encapsulator. Rust Encapsulator has been known as one of the oldest and most well-known products in the market. It is one of the innovations that can get through the test of time. Not only that Rust Encapsulator is the safest one, but Rust Encapsulator also proved to be effective in many situations. It is ideal in many conditions of rust like the surface rust, medium rust, bare metal, and the mixed surface. On the other hand, the Por 15 is more into the protection for your coating. Por 15 is a high-performance coating designed for application on rusted and seasoned metal surfaces. Por 15 is non-porous which will prevent the surface from getting in contact with water. If you are interested in these two products, then let’s learn more about it.

The condition to use it
Rust Encapsulator is usually used for the rust problem such like the surface rust, medium rust, and mixed surface. In these conditions, you will be able to witness the real power of Rust Encapsulator. In the surface rust, Rust Encapsulator will quickly go over the surface rust and stop the rust from spreading. Rust Encapsulator also gives protection and curing ability for the medium rust. The condition of medium rust is not only that the surface gets rust, but the pitted metal maybe has been infected too. In this case, Rust Encapsulator will be able to cure it starting by mechanically removing the loose rust and then continued with the penetration into the rust, but noted that you maybe need about two until three cans of Rust Encapsulator. Not far from Rust Encapsulator, Por 15 is best used for the preventing purpose. But if the rusting has affected your metal surface, you can count on Por 15 to get rid of it.

If the Rust Encapsulator is best used to cure the rust that has affected your surface or inner part, then the Por is best for preventing the rusting from happening. Por 15 dries faster than the usual coating paints; this ability is also linked with its capacity to protect the surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive contaminants. However, if you ask about the capacity to penetrate deeper into the metal body, you will need the Rust Encapsulator. But the downside is that Rust Encapsulator is not that good at preventing the rusting from happening like the Por 15.

These two products deliver a great impact in getting rid the rust, but if your rust problem has affected the inner part, then you need to use the Rust Encapsulator. On the other hand, if you are trying to prevent the rusting from happening then the Por 15 is up for this task.