Plumbers Putty vs Silicone

Should you use Plumber’s putty or silicone sealant? This has to be the number one question when it comes to installation of sinks, drainpipes or valves. Some plumbers prefer one over the other due to their individual preferences. But it would be naive to think one is better simply because it works for you without looking at where each one of these products is best suited.

So when it comes to choosing which product you should be working with you should put the following considerations in mind; how easily accessible is the place where you’re putting the sealant, and do you see any foreseeable future repairs.

Plumber’s putty has been used for a very long time by plumbers which mean it has been tested and tried. On the flipside, Silicone sealants became popular because of a problem that plumber’s putty couldn’t effectively fix, leaking.

Although both can be applied there are areas where one is better than the other. For example, when it comes to an area exposed to pressurized water, Silicone is always the best option because Plumber’s putty does not hold. When it comes to fixing sinks and toilets, then Plumber’s putty will be the obvious choice because it is easier to remove. Also, Plumber’s putty will start cracking when it dries and eventually start leaking.

when choosing between the two you should consider the individual advantages of both choices. For instance, whereas Silicone sealant can be applied in almost all areas, it will be prudent to think about any future problems arising from continued use of the equipment. In the eventuality of such cases, you might end up destroying some equipment that was sealed using the silicone sealant. And even though most manufacturers might recommend Silicone sealant on most of their proucts, the plumber should use his discretion in choosing which product is best suited where.