Pergo vs Laminate

One way to beautify your home, your workplace or your resting place and your favourite places is by installing a wood-patterned floors. Most people think that finding the wooden patterned floors, parquet wood flooring should be using. Just as the election of the floor. To get the patterned floors wood is not only using parquet wood floor that cost is quite expensive (though admittedly the best in terms of quality). You can use the Pergo vs Laminate flooring as a substitute Alternatively of parquet wood flooring. What’s the difference? Find out here!

Actually, Pergo is a Laminate Flooring’s brand name. This is similar to how tissue is a network mark or Band-Aid is a bandage adhesive brand. Many people abuse the requirements in all 3 of these examples. There are many brands of laminate flooring, including Pergo, Armstrong and Shaw. These Pergo are notable for their creating categories in the mid 70’s and started importing to the United States in 1994. They also sold their brand at Home Depot where many consumers first came in touch with it. All Pergo floor laminates at all levels of quality come with an innovative PerfectFold 3.0 click system offering three other installation methods. The protection of our new sensational floor surface extends all the way to the bevels to create a fully enclosed surface. In addition, the waterproof coating on the edge of the board ensures that water can not penetrate the floor. Thanks to patented TitanX surface protection, Pergo laminate flooring will keep an elegant finish year and year out. The extreme endurance is the reason why we dare to guarantee our flooring against clothing, stains and fading caused by sunshine for 33 years which is the best guarantee in the market.

Laminated flooring is a type of flooring made of sawdust, the multifex dipress and mixed with hardener, other preservative. Then the top of laminated surface given the other ingredients so bring up the motif of artificial wood. Also, with a very good process and advanced, will produce artificial wood boards that have excellent quality and able to compete with the quality of the original wood (solid). The advantages of this wood is not to expand or conical as solid parquet wood flooring. Therefore, it is safe to use-prone areas exposed to the Sun such as the House that has a lot of glass. It’s just that, wood flooring is very vulnerable to scratches and collision that would damage the wood motifs section is only found on the surface of the floor. The other advantage is the top layer of hard formed during manufacture and thus a high abrasion resistance and ease of installation. The main difference compared to wood also in different colors. Then, how does the floor Assembly Laminated? For installing the laminated flooring, in the installation method is the same as parquet wood flooring. So for those of you who are curious can go to tutorials on website. (Take a look : Laminate vs Tile)

The advantages of each on Pergo vs Laminate probably could be your reason in choosing among these types of wood. Laminate has advantages i.e. not expand or conical as solid parquet wood flooring. So it is safe to use-prone areas exposed to the Sun such as the House that has a lot of glass. To keep in mind, floors laminated is not very suitable place which has a very high moisture levels. let alone outdoors. While the Pergo sometimes becomes an alternative option since its price is cheaper compared to wooden parquet floor; or laminated floor motif.