Pebble Tec vs Plaster

If you want to add up a texture on your pool, maybe you will need Pebble Tec or Plaster. These products offer a complex substance in it which will make your pool looks better than before. Pebble Tec is made of the combination of cement and pool mix; the pool mix is made from silica or quartz which are pretty rare and expensive aggregate. If the Pebble Tec is using the silicate, then the Plaster is using the crushed marble. The mixing substance of marble will allow more damageable and unperfect result. It is true that you also need to count on the water-chemistry activity, but the cleaning chemicals which are used when cleaning the pools will crushing with the Plaster substance which makes the durability is rather questionable. So if you want to buy these products, it might be better to see the comparison first.

Basic Material Characteristic
Usually, the Pool mix is using the marble as it works the same like silicate and has a lower price, but Pebble Tec is thinking more about the overall quality rather than the price. So Pebble Tec choose to use the silicate which is far stronger and more durable than the marble. This aggregate will support the mixing of cement and pool mix. On the side, Plaster is using the crushed marble which results in the lower standard result, making your pool vulnerable to be damaged and having a crack.

The difference of basic materials is causing the Pebble Tec and Plaster having a different performance. First, Pebble Tec will not degrade as quickly if chemicals are misused, while the Plaster will degrade more quickly if this happen. Another bugging problem in using Plaster is about the longevity. You can count about how long it will last until it cracks, which is usually after 20 years. However, the Pebble Tec also has this problem as well; it will start cracking in about 20 years. So you will need to consider a repairment after 20 years. In the cleaning terms, Plaster is easier to clean compare to Pebble Tec, but Pebble Tec allows you to remove harsh stains while the Plaster doesn’t. Last but not least, the Plaster has a far smoother finish, and it doesn’t irritate your bare feet when touching it, while the Pebble Tec is opposite of it.

Both products offer a very similar approach, but the difference in some basic materials causing them to differ a lot in their performance. We can say that Plaster has a slight advantage here, it is mainly because from five aspects that we compare, Plaster is slightly better than Pebble Tec. Keep in mind that the price of Plaster itself is lower than the Pebble Tec so you can afford to restock it many times. So it is better to choose the cost efficient item rather than an expensive item with the same quality.