Patio vs Porch

Here’s a question that a lot of people can’t answer. What’s the difference between and Patio and a Porch? Because when you think about the two, they have a lot of similarities, don’t they? I mean, they are both outdoor extensions of the house, they can either be covered, or not, and both typically house relaxing furniture made for lounging. So, is there really a difference? As a matter of fact, Yes! That’s what we’re here to examine today: what is the difference between a patio vs porch.

Let’s Talk About The Porch

The concept of a Porch is pretty old. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks had porches. But they are not just a European phenomenon; ancient West Africans were known to have porch-like spaces in their houses too. It seems like everyone likes to have a space where they enjoy a little bit of the outdoors close to home. Porches began to appear in American houses in the early 1700s; they quickly became a fixture in American architecture. But what is a Porch exactly? Well, the definition of a Porch is a covered but unenclosed roof structure that projects from the main wall of a building leading to the entrance of a dwelling. In laymen’s terms, it’s an outdoors extension of the entry a house. A Porch tends to be a welcoming place as it does lead to the front door (think welcome mat), but still adds a bit of protection (alarm systems, lighting, etc.). It is, of course, used as a place for dining, entertaining, and relaxing as well.

What About A Patio?

Well, the word patio comes from a Latin word that means to lie open. It seems that the concept became popular in Spain around the 15th century. Eventually, the idea spread; thus patios have become quite popular around the world. In the U.S., Patios started out as a simple slab of poured concrete in the backyard. Unlike a Porch, a patio is not necessarily attached to the main structure of the house, it may or may not have a roof attachment such as a pergola, and overall may be a more versatile space than a Porch. But like a Porch, the area can be used for outdoor dining, entertainment, and relaxation. As a matter of fact, because a patio offers more privacy, it is used for entertainment much more often than a porch is, these days.

If you had to decide between a Patio vs Porch, the decision would come down to your lifestyle & budget. A Porch is more inviting but offers less privacy, and usually less entertainment space. On the other hand, adding a patio usually requires a larger budget because most houses come outfitted with Porches. Whether you have a Patio, Porch, or both, your sure to have a great space to relax and enjoy a little bit of outdoor living.