Orange Peel vs Knockdown

If you want to get a ceiling texture painter or a wall texture painter, then you should probably try these two items, Orange Peel and Knockdown. Orange Peel is the new invention of wall texture technology in the aerosol form. It takes form as the liquid droplets, which is put out by the spray method. Aerosol can be made from the natural or an artificial resource. As a wall texture spray, Orange Peel delivers a quick and easy setup for the painting process; it is also easy to be combined with other different wall paint. If the Orange Peel has the specialization in its unique form and easy setup, then the Knockdown will give you the change of textures which will lighten your ceiling along with its wonderful color. It has an uninterrupted surface which accentuates with every pockmark in the dry-wall mud. Then if you are interested in these two products, let’s see the comparison below.

How to use
The Orange Peel wall painter is pretty easy in term of usage. You only have to spray it on top of the wall for a change of texture that you want, but noted that before doing it you need to paint your wall first for the first layer which is usually painted in white color. Then you probably can choose either to put the second layer or not. If you choose to put the second layer, you will get a better texture with better stickiness. However the problem is the amount of Orange Peel that you need for one layer is massive, so you probably need to buy several bottles of Orange Peel to cover it. On the other hand, Knockdown is pretty easy to be used. It works the same as the old plaster which needs to be put on one basin then paint it on top of your ceiling. Just for note, you will probably have to consider the amount that you need, because you don’t want to run out of the paint while the Knockdown that is put on your wall are already dried out. The different time painting will make the texture pattern differs one another.

It is understandable that using the newest technology is becoming a trend nowadays. But the changing the old-style wall plaster into the aerosol is unacceptable. An aerosol is hard to be obtained, and the cost itself is pretty high because of its expensive production process, the bright side is only that Aerosol is easier to be attached to the wall because you just have to spray it. Despite its Aerosol form, Orange Peel delivers a pretty significance painting performance. Some of the customers even praising it because of the ability to attached perfectly to the newly repaired wall. On the other hand, Knockdown offers an old style painting and less cost than the Orange Peel. The texture that it gives is beautiful; it hides not only perfections but also creates a more subtle look than heavier textures.

Orange Peel is definitely better in term of painting quality, but you will need a big budget to put it on your most of your walls. Even though the Knockdown is not in the same quality like Orange Peel, but it is a cost efficient product. So we recommend you to choose the Knockdown for the big-scale work and Orange Peel for the small-scale work.