Orange Oil vs Termidor

You are now facing a problem: termite infestation. This is a big problem that haunts nearly every house in the world. If your house has some parts made of wooden materials, there is a chance that termites will make a nest in one of the wooden parts. There are several options that you can consider for preventing or removing a termite infestation. Below, we will discuss about orange oil vs Termidor. In the last few years, orange oil products have become popular for treating termite infestation, mainly because of the non-toxic and eco-friendly benefits. On the other hand, Termidor is believed to be the most powerful treatments available.

About Orange Oil
Orange oil has actually been used since a long time ago for repelling insects, including mosquitoes and termites. Many insects including termites don’t like the aroma, and the ones that get directly exposed to it can die. Orange oil seems to be a very convenient solution because it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You do not need to worry about getting the room filled with a harmful chemical because orange oil is not dangerous to the human body. In fact, it smells nice. It also will not damage or pollute the environment.

Orange oil is very easy to apply. You just need to apply the oil to the infested area. There is no need to cover or seal the foods and drinks in the room, and you also don’t need to pull out living beings from the room – which are the case with fumigation; see the comparisons between orange oil vs fumigation here.

However, orange oil is not the most effective termite treatments in the world. It is simply a repellant, and it only provides a localized killing effect. In other words, it can only kill the termites in the treated area that come to direct contact with the oil. It simply repels the termites that are outside the treated area, and it may even drive these termites deeper into the structure. Another thing to consider, orange oil is flammable.

About Termidor
On the other hand, Termidor is a non-repellant treatment. Termites can’t detect Termidor. So, they will have no idea when they are exposed to Termidor.

Termidor has a ‘transfer effect’ and does not kill termites immediately. When a termite gets exposed to the treatment in the treated area, it will bring and pass lethal doses to other termites in the colony. This is why Termidor is much more effective for eliminating large-scale infestations.

However, be careful when using Termidor because it is a toxic substance. Make sure that your pet can’t reach the treated area to avoid accidental exposure.

For eliminating termite infestations, Termidor is much more recommended. It is much more effective for killing termites, and it can even kill the whole termites in the colony due to the transfer effect. On the other hand, orange oil is not effective for killing termites, but you can use orange oil to prevent termites from getting into your home because of the repellent effect.