Orange Oil vs Tenting

How many different chemicals do you have under your kitchen sink right now? Most people have the dozen of various cleaner and household pesticide under their kitchen sink. Did you know that orange oil and tenting can do mostof their jobs?But let look orange oil vs tenting.Let start with orange oil.

Orange Oil and Pest Control

Orange oil is a common ingredient found in most households across America, and it is made from the rinds of actual oranges. When used in a concentrated form it makes an excellent degreaser for cleaning areas such as ovens and vents, but it is also gentle enough to use on more delicate items during general purpose cleaning.

The power of orange oil comes from the chemical limonene, which is produced when oranges are steam distilled during the process of making of orange juice. Different types of corals produce various concentrations of limonene, but it remains over 90% during the extraction process.

When considering options for pest control around your home, it is highly recommended to find a product made from orange oil. When applied to several species of insects it essentially breaks down their skin or vital organs on contact, resulting in a quick, efficient death.

Termite Tenting Treatment

Do you have a termite concern? If you have, you should get on to it right away, because the ultimate future of a house infested with termites is a demolished house.

If you and your termite exterminator decide to use this method, the professional will put up a huge tent around your house to contain the noxious gas that he uses to kill the termites within your house.

Some say that termite tenting is old-fashioned and just too hazardous, others say that it is the only certain way of killing all the termites in a house. Some people say that it is very expensive, others say, so is a house.

In fact, termite tenting may be the only method open to you, if your house is about to collapse because you will be able to get on with the repair work that much more quickly.

Once the homeowner returns; every piece of clothing and linen would have to be washed, every piece of silverware, cookware, and plates needed to be scrubbed, and every surface within the home would have to be thoroughly wiped down.

Next time you reach for a multi-purpose cleaner or a bottle of insecticide think about the chemicals you are spraying in your home. I hope you understood orange oil vs tenting which is the best