Orange Oil vs Fumigation

Orange oil has recently become very popular among homeowners who want to eliminate termite infestations from the living spaces. Obviously, orange oil treatments are very interesting because these products are said to be non-toxic and eco-friendly. However, orange oil is not always the best option for every case. After all, if orange oil is all that great, all termite treatment companies would have replaced their fumigation tanks with orange plants. So, when should you use orange oil and when to fumigate? Below, we will see the pros and cons of orange oil vs fumigation to help you decide.

Of course, orange oil has a significantly better edge in terms of convenience. It is very easy to apply. Orange oil provides a localized killing effect; it only kills termites on contact. So, you have to apply orange oil on the infested area. This often requires drilling into the wood. But you don’t have to cover or seal your foods and beverages, and you definitely don’t have to evacuate your family members out from the room.

On the other hand, many people often shy away from fumigation because it is not as convenient to perform. Because fumigation will release toxic liquid and gas into the room, you usually have to evacuate your family members and pets out. You may also want to bring out foods and beverages, or at least make sure that they are properly sealed and protected so that they won’t catch the toxic substances.

There are a few things that you must consider when considering orange oil vs fumigation. You need to determine how large the infested area is, and you also want to make sure if there is any other place that gets infested by termites.

Orange oil only provides a localized killing effect, so it won’t be suitable for a large area. It will not kill termites in the untreated area. As the effect, if there is another infested area unknown to you, this infested area will remain infested.

On the other hand, fumigation can treat the whole room or even the whole house. It is the way to go if you have a very bad case of termite infestation. It will also kill all termites in the area, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden infestation.

For treating just a small area, orange oil is indeed more budget-friendly. A bottle of orange oil for termite treatment only costs a few tens of dollars. For treating just a small area, taking a fumigation treatment can be an overkill for the budget.

However, for treating a large area or the whole house, you definitely should choose fumigation. It will be much more affordable than purchasing bottles of orange oil!

You can choose orange oil to eliminate the termite infestation if the affected area is relatively small, and you are certain that there is no other infested area. However, if the case is very bad, or if you are uncertain whether there are other spots that get infested, you should choose fumigation.