Opposum vs Possum

Opossum and Possum are words commonly used interchangeably by most people. The key reason for this is because not everyone is aware of the differences between the two. These names actually refer to two different groups of animals, though both are marsupials. The spellings for the names of these animals are not interchangeable since despite the fact that they are both marsupials, they are found in different parts of the world and also have different characteristics. In order to help you clear your doubts on the “opossum vs. possum” topic, lets look at their differences in more detail below:


The opossum is a white-faced marsupial found in North America and whose body color is grayish-white. Its feet and ears are black. The scientific name for this animal is Didelphidae. Its teeth are sharp just like those of a cat and it has coarse fur. Its tail is what distinguishes it primarily from the possum. The tail does not have any fur and resembles that of a rat. So you can imagine how ugly this animal is especially for it to possess characteristics of both a cat and a rat. In fact, you wouldn’t wish to come across one of these creatures in your backyard because it
looks scary.


On the other hand, a possum is Australian and has up to four basic color variations, these include black, gold, brown and silver-gray. Phalangeridae is its scientific name. As noted by many people, the possum looks more like a Chinchilla than an opossum. This animal has softer fur than the Opossum. When compared to the possum, it is a bushier marsupial with bigger ears. The major point of distinction between these two marsupials however is evident in their tails. If you are privileged to come across a possum, you will realize that its tail is much bushier, this is unlike the opossum’s bare one.

In spite of the differences, these animals are both omnivores with similar eyes, snouts and feet. If you look at the conflicting physical appearances of these marsupials, the opossum may be better looking than the possum. You will benefit more from looking at the “opossum vs. possum” subject as a comparison of two animals that are uniquely created.