Nuvo H20 Review: Soften the Water in a Safe and Healthy Way

If you feel that the water in your home is too hard and difficult to drink, then you may need a water softener. Another indicator that the water in your home is too hard is the scale buildup on and around the faucets, formed from the calcium, magnesium, and iron ions contained in the water. With a water softener, you can get healthier water that is actually pleasant to drink. However, not all water softeners are the same; some are using salts and additives that are bad for the environment. That’s why you should consider Nuvo H20. Unlike the other water softeners, Nuvo H20 is salt-free. But, because of that, too, Nuvo H20 may not be suitable for softening extremely hard water. Get to know better about Nuvo H20 below.

Nuvo H20 is available in three different sizes, which are Studio, Home, and Manor. The Studio is the smallest version and has the lowest water flow, suitable for small homes and rooms. The Home is the medium version, suitable for homes between 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft, whereas the Manor is the largest version with the highest water flow. They only differ from each other by the sizes. Still, Nuvo H20 is generally small and compact, making it very easy to place and install.

So, since it does not use salts, how does Nuvo H20 actually work? Nuvo H20 works by using a proprietary citrus formulation in a process called chelation. The citrus formula binds with the minerals in hard water. This way, the water can be softened to be easier and more pleasant to use. But the benefit does not stop there. The citrus formula also effectively prevents scale buildup. Interestingly, it is also effective for removing existing scale buildup, though it may take some time to do so. So, there are at least three benefits of using Nuvo H20: softened water, scale buildup prevention, and scale buildup removal.

By not using salt, additives, or electricity, Nuvo H20 becomes very eco-friendly. It also won’t increase your electricity bill. It produces healthy water with a neutral taste, as opposed to salt-based water softeners that actually cause the water to taste bad. By removing the minerals in the water, you will be able to reduce the amount of soap needed for washing, as these minerals are the ones that inhibit the work of the soap. Nuvo H20 is approved by FDA and NSF, showcasing the quality and safety.

Well, this product indeed has its limitations. First, it is indeed not as powerful as the salt-based water softeners. It is not able to soften well water. Such water is known to contain lots of minerals and to have very high hardness. As a matter of fact, Nuvo H20 cannot be used to soften water with hardness over 10 GPG. So, if you have an extreme case of hard water, you may need something that is more powerful. Second, Nuvo H20 requires cartridge replacement at least once a year, maybe twice if your home has heavy water usage. The price for the cartridge replacement can be quite pricey. Though, the cost is comparable to the benefits given.

In the end, Nuvo H20 is a great solution for people who need a simple and compact solution for softening their water. It gives good tasting water suitable for drinking. It is eco-friendly. However, it is not suitable for homes on well water and for water hardness above 10 GPG.

Specifications of Nuvo H20
• Suitable for homes from 1,000 to 2,000 sq. ft. with normal water use.
• Weight: 7 pounds
• Size: 5” x 24”
• Water flow: 12 – 15 GPM w/ 1″ ports for minimal change to existing flow
• Capacity: 35,000 gallons
• Maximum pressure: 100 PSI (6.8 bar)
• Built-in pressure relief valve
• FDA & NSF approved
• Uses 2“ x 20” replacement cartridges
• Not suitable for water hardness above 10 GPG and well water

Pros of Nuvo H20
– Does not use salt or additives, making it safe and environment-friendly
– Very easy and simple to operate
– Slim, compact design allowing easy installation
– Effective to soften water and remove scale buildup

Price of Nuvo H20
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