Navien vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater

In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between Navien vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater. Both brands are very popular in the market. Both brands are generally regarded as high-quality choices. And both brands come with advanced features, such as digital controls and Wi-Fi. So, which tankless water heater is actually better?

Here, we will discuss about:
– The overview of Navien and Rheem tankless water heaters
– The performance of Navien’s and Rheem’s units
– The special features available on Navien’s and Rheem’s units
– The warranty of Navien vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater
– Which option that is more recommended for the money

Continue reading below to learn further about both Navien and Rheem tankless water heaters. We will see the brand overview, performance, as well as special features available on each option. This way, you can determine which tankless water heater that is the best for your money.

Navien: Overview
As the first company in the world to introduce high-efficiency condensing tankless water heaters, Navien is considered as a high-quality brand by most consumers. By using a “condensing” design, Navien can achieve very high efficiency. The efficiency of Navien tankless water heaters is rated at 97%, which is very impressive. No wonder that Navien is the preferred choice when a homeowner needs a tankless water heater with the best performance. See also: Navien vs Noritz Tankless Water Heaters.

Navien is actually a brand that comes from South Korea. Navien is known to produce various high-quality home equipment products, ranging from HVAC systems to tankless water heaters. Some people believe that, since South Korea’s climate is similar to the northern part of America, Navien’s products can give suitable performance.

Navien: Performance
Among all the available brands of tankless water heaters, Navien stands out by having the highest efficiency rating. The superior performane, combined with the advanced features, brings Navien’s models as high-end options.

Navien’s tankless water heaters are verified for having an efficiency level of 97 percent. Why is the efficiency rating important? You see, a unit consumes electricity in order to generate heat, however not all of the electricity is used to heat the water. Some power is inadvertently lost, emitted as heat to the environment.

But a Navien tankless water heater unit with such a high efficiency works by using nearly all of the electricity that is consumes to heat the water. As the effect, Navien’s models can consume less power to produce more hot water, compared to the other models in the market. Navien is environment-friendly, as the units don’t waste away energy. Navien’s units are Energy Star-certified.

In addition, Navien tankless water heaters are famous for having high output rates. As a comparison, low-quality brands in general can only give hot water as much as 2 – 3 GPM (gallons per minute). This is insufficient to provide hot water for multiple people showering simultaneously. On the other hand, Navien’s models are significantly more powerful, as they are able to deliver more than 10 GPM hot water. Hence, Navien’s models make great options for lodges and large families.

Navien: Features
The heat exchangers used in Navien tankless water heaters are made of durable stainless steel – you can read the detailed specs on Navien here. Navien’s heat exchangers are very durable. Each unit’s heat exchangers have a 15-year warranty, whereas the other parts have a 5-year warranty. So, you can be certain that Navien’s products are high-quality and durable products.

A Navien tankless water heater is usually easy to install, even by a single person. This is because every model’s design is optimized for easy installation. The bundle includes all accessories that you need to start. In the bundle, you can usually find the mounting and bracket system, recirculation pump, 2” PC venting option, and buffer tank.

Navien has a digital interface that is very intuitive and easy to use. You can easily adjust the settings through here without digging the manual. For example, switching the temperature unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius can be done in just a few hits.

Another great feature of Navien is that some Navien models are linkable to each other. This is incredibly useful for commercial purposes. By linking multiple units together, you can ensure consistent and reliable hot water supply.

Rheem: Overview
You probably have heard quite a lot about the Rheem company. As a matter of fact, Rheem has been around manufacturing home appliances for nearly 100 years. Nowadays, Rheem has become the the largest manufacturer of water heater products in North America. Rheem is a highly reputable and well-known brand that produce both electric and gas tankless water heaters.

Rheem: Performance
Rheem generally has good performance. The efficiency levels are not as high as Navien, but they are still pretty good. The Rheem RTGH model has a 0.82 UEF rating. It meets the SCAQMD rule 1146-2 requirements for having low NOx burners. In addition, the maximum output is 199,900 BTUs, which is impressive. It can deliver high output rate to meet high hot water demands. It is suitable for installations that require constantly high volume of hot water.

Rheem: Features
Rheem tankless water heaters are equipped with Wi-Fi. Rheem has EcoNet, which has a mobile app for maintenance reminders and reports on water and gas usage. These features are very convenient. You can easily monitor your water and gas usage through your smartphone. You are leass likely to miss a maintenance schedule.

Unfortunately, recirculation is not a standard feature in the Rheem RTGH model. The recirculation pump kit is sold separately. You need to purchase it to enjoy the benefits of the recirculation technology. Rheem hasa 10-year warranty for the heat exchangers and a 1-year warranty for the parts.

Navien vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater

Navien Tankless Water HeaterRheem Tankless Water Heater
- Higher efficiency- Relatively lower efficiency
- Digital controls- Wi-Fi enabled
- Comes with the recirculation pump- The recirculation pump kit is sold separately
- 15-year warranty for heat exchangers, 5-year warranty for parts- 10-year warranty for heat exchangers, 1-year warranty for parts

Beyween Navien vs Rheem Tankless Water Heater, we recommend you to choose Navien. The efficiency rating is higher, and the output rate is great. Also, Navien is easier to install. The bundle includes all accessories that you need, including the recirculation pump. The warranty timeframes for the heat exchangers and parts are longer, too.