Navien NPE 240A vs NPE 240S

A water heater is not only needed in the winter. Well, you certainly need a water heater in the winter. Else, you are going to bath in ice-cold water for the season. In other words, you can freeze. But a water heater is also handy for the other seasons. Sometimes, after a long day at work and some chilling rain, all you need is a bath with soothing warm water. Very relaxing. So, if you are now looking for the best water heater, you are most probably considering Navien NPE 240A and Navien NPE 240S right now. These two models are popular on the market, made by the renowned manufacturer Navien. Which one should you choose?

One interesting thing is that Navien NPE 240A is quite more expensive than Navien NPE 240S. The price difference can be quite considerable, depending on your available budget. However, if we put the two products side by side, we can hardly see a difference. The two appear with very similar designs. Both are colored in white. The center bottom part has a black control panel. Navien NPE 240A and Navien NPE 240S are both condensing tankless gas water heaters. So, these machines heat the water by using the existing ½” gas line. Both are field convertible, allowing you to switch easily between NG and LP, and both offers exceptional ultra condensing efficiency. Both models are Energy Star-certified, showcasing that they consume low amounts of energy to operate. Each has dual stainless steel heat exchangers. The simple modular design for the water path makes maintenance and service very easy to perform, as well as minimizing water pressure drop.

However, Navien NPE 240A has been packed with more advanced features than Navien NPE 240S. Only Navien NPE 240A that has the intelligent preheating technology. It can automatically recognize hot water usage patterns and smartly provide hot water right away when needed. Hence, you will be able to enjoy hot water almost immediately without needing to wait. It also comes with the ComfortFlow technology, which eliminates cold water sandwiches (say goodbye to the sudden cold shocks and shivers!) and helps in saving your money by using the built-in recirculation system and reducing the heating time.

For long-term efficiency, Navien NPE 240A should be your choice. The intelligent system can make the energy consumption more efficient and lower your electricity bill. Plus, it eliminates cold water sandwiches, and it is smart like a reliable maid.