Murphy’s Oil Soap vs Pine Sol

Is your floor look dirty because of some stubborn, virtually irremovable stains? This is certainly one of the most annoying problems in housekeeping. No matter how hard you brush the hardened dirt marks and stains, they just don’t go. Don’t worry! Your solution is here. Most probably, you have ever heard about the Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is a powerful and versatile soap that is compatible with various kinds of surfaces, from ceramic tiles to hardwood floors. Now, you are wondering how the Murphy’s Oil Soap compare to the popular Pine Sol soap. Find the answer below!

The Murphy’s Oil Soap is actually intended not just for floors. As a matter of fact, it can also be used for cleaning leather and vinyl materials. So, you can use it to clean your leather boots and jackets safely, too. It can also be used for cleaning laundry stains and painted surfaces and even cars. Such a wide range of functionality comes from the pure vegetable base. With the natural ingredients, Murphy’s Oil Soap becomes compatible with various fine and delicate surfaces. However, it has its limitations. It should not be used on an unfinished, unsealed, or waxed wood floor.

On the other hand, Pine Sol should be already quite familiar to you all. Pine Sol is perhaps the most well-known soap for floors. Of course, Pine Sol can be used only for floors. It is generally suitable for most kinds of floors, such as hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, marble, granite, and laminate.

Murphy’s Oil Soap has been widely praised also because of the nice and pleasant scent. Murphy’s Oil Soap has a fresh, clean scent. The smell is natural, nothing artificial or chemical like other floor soaps. Pine Sol has the typical pine scent that is somewhat artificial and chemical.

In general, both soaps don’t cause dull looks as long as you follow the directions. Murphy’s Oil Soap is actually able to deliver excellent cleanliness, even on hardwood floor. However, it can cause dull looks on hardwood floor if the hardwood floor is unfinished, unsealed, or waxed. So, if your hardwood floor gets dull after using it, this can indicate that the floor is waxed or needs refinishing. But Murphy’s Oil Soap is indeed effective for removing stubborn marks and stains. On the other hand, Pine Sol is usually able to remove most dirt, but can cause dull looks if you mix the soap way too strong.

Murphy’s Oil Soap is indeed a great product. It is difficult to compare the results of the two products, but we can say that both are effective for cleaning floors. However, Murphy’s Oil Soap is still recommended because the product can be used for not only floors, but also other things. Plus, the fresh and natural clean scent is great!