Murphy Oil Soap Review: A Long-Lasting and Strong Oil Soap

Having a wood material product is pretty troublesome for some people. It is probably because of its nature that tends to get changed easily. But you don’t have to worry about it as there has always been this fantastic soap which has served many of its customers for about 30 years. This soap name is Murphy Oil Soap. Murphy oil soap is an inexpensive, old-fashioned and a perfect cleaning product for the hardwood product or floor. You will get a gentle and natural touch along with some fantastic scent of orange and vegetable. The scent itself is coming from its main ingredients which are the orange oil and vegetable oil. This product is pretty stable, especially for you who have been its users for a long time, you will remember about how this product lingers the scent in your house from time to time. So if you want to know learn about Murphy Oil Soap, let’s see the explanation below.

Murphy Oil Soap has been produced since a long time ago which makes it become a very trusted oil soap for the wood material. Not only that Murphy Oil Soap is very cheap, but it also contains 98% naturally derived ingredients. This 98% includes the specially formulated water, coconut, cleaning natural fragrance, and just about 2% is using the synthetic ingredients. You won’t be able to use this soap to harm people as it contains no ammonia or bleach, and the scent it produces is very natural and light. The primary purpose of this product is to give the safe and affordable wood cleaning for many families through many generations. (Read also: Murphy’s Oil Soap vs Pine Sol)

The first thing that many people would consider is about its safety. Is it safe enough for our family? The answer is yes; the soap is far safer than other cleaners sold nowadays. The ingredients are very natural, biodegradable, and free of phosphates, ammonia, and bleach. Plus it even received C in the Environmental Working Group Guide for the Healthy Cleaning which is far safer ranking than most of other cleaners. The performance itself is pretty powerful as it can clean to a natural shine and the scent even lingering around your house for a couple of days.

So in overall, Murphy Oil Soap is a pretty great product. It offers the soft and natural approach which won’t harm any of your properties. The scent is also undoubtedly strong which makes you always remember to reclean your hardwood properties after its smell faded.

Specifications of Murphy Oil Soap
• The traditional scent of Murphy Oil Soap
• Economical and natural cleaner that is ideal for mopping wood floors, paneling, and other large wood surfaces
• Able to clean finished wood and hard surfaces
• Over 80 years of ongoing natural cleaning tradition
• Kosher certified
• The other constituents of Murphy Oil Soap include propylene glycol, sodium EDTA, surfactants, fragrance, and water

Pros of Murphy Oil Soap
– Very effective for cleaning various wood surfaces
– Shiny result
– Fresh and pleasant scent
– Very budget-friendly price

Price of Murphy Oil Soap
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