Lovesac vs Burrow

For people who will spend much time on their sofas, it is better to pick those with quality and comfort so we can enjoy our purchase without any regret later. Options are always abundant and the hardest part is choosing between them like with Lovesac vs Burrow. They are offering many quality sofas, coach or chairs we can pick depend on our taste. If you wonder which brand can be the better option, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a sofa
– What are Lovesac and Burrow
– How are the design of Lovesac and Burrow
– What Lovesac and Burrow can offer to you
– Lovesac vs Burrow

Sofas in a Box
It seems that today we can buy anything and be shipped into our house without the hassle of selecting them one by one in stores and spend much time walking here and there to check the item we want to purchase. Starting from small things like clothes and accessories, now we are here shipping bed and coaches straight to people’s address. It is a huge movement because furniture is not something we used to buy without really feeling the material and quality directly.

Of course just like many other box items that sold in a website where we can’t directly see the product, the chances of us actually liking the product is also low since we don’t have the first time experience. However, with trial period and money back guarantee, many customers are not afraid to try purchasing those products without really knowing the quality and feel. Of course there are many brands out there claiming to offer the best deal but not all of them are proven to be true.

Not all people will need sofas but we do need a place where we can comfortably binge watching that certain TV shows or Movies we have been pending due to the busy schedule and tired body. For many of us, spending time laying down or sitting in front of TV or computer can be very refreshing and pleasing but to make them comfortable, we will need a good chair to relief the tiredness and making sure whatever we are watching or doing can be more enjoyable.

With the popularity of online shopping, now we can purchase a sofa or couch online then just wait for the item to be delivered into our house so we don’t need to spend our free time hunting for one which can be quite tiring. Since we can’t be sure whether we will love them or not for we never know the exact feel, companies that offer those products usually also provide free trial in which we can return the product if they are not meeting our expectation. Read our previous article on: Chipboard vs Plywood here.

About Lovesac
Currently, there are numerous companies or brands that offering sofas, couch or chairs in box that we can assemble when arrived just like those from IKEA to simplify the delivery packaging and one of the most popular is Lovesac. We are sure many of us have already heard their name before since they are also among the best with quality products made from good material which is also comfortable making people seems to fall in love with them.

The company actually offer various products but the most popular is probably their modular sofas and their bean bag chair that can be a good addition into your living room no matter if you often watch movies or playing some video games. This is because they are very comfortable to let the users stay in the same position for hours without feeling the need to get up quickly. However, in this article today, we will only talk about their sofas called Sactionals.

Lovesac Design
This modular sofas is available in various options starting from just 2 seats up to 10 seats so we can pick the one fitting our living room the most or based on how many people living in the house. As opposed to the bean bag chairs which seems to be necessity for many college students, this one is just as comfortable but with more mature feeling and sophisticated without being too serious or too “old”.

Lovesac Benefit
What makes Lovesac Sactional or modular sofas appealing in many people’s eyes is because they are very versatile since they are built around a seat and a number of sides that are functioning as arms and backs. Depend on how many seats we choose, we can make loveseat, sofas, L-shaped sectional or even a deep loveseat with a foot rest. When installed without the back, it can become an ottoman and they also have tables so we can have a hard surface to put drink or snacks.

The best benefit of having this type of sofas is we can arrange them into whatever configuration we want or suit the space we have and the current occasion happening in our living room. Additionally, we may also add individual pieces into the set in case our set up need some extra side or wedge-shaped seat to add some curve into them. To upgrade them, Lovesac also offer 197 cover which we can pick and change following our mood or to match the whole room nuance.

Assembling Lovesac
The next important thing we need to pay attention when purchasing a pre-installed sofas is the setting up because we will need to do some work before we can even arrange them as we like. Luckily, Lovesac is very user friendly with a simple completing process which can done without needing any tool. The only issue is the size, because the pieces is quite bulky so it can be hard to handle with one hand. However, it also good since it means they are sturdy and thick enough to be comfortable.

About Burrow
Since the amount of other option in the market is quite a lot, we can look around first before deciding on purchasing one of them for we may find a better item in a better price than our first choice. Another good option available is Burrow which is just like Lovesac with its collection of many quality, stylish sofas and other items to choose for your apartment or house. The first thing we love from them is how they can offer good product in such an affordable price.

They offer various sofas size with additional seat that we can use as an Ottoman starting from single chair, love seat, and sofa with several seats. In each of this category will be filled with other variants that combining the seat with ottoman or those with Chaise Sectional so customers can easily pick the type or design they want or need quickly. Additionally, they also offer accessories like pillow and throws just in case you need to upgrade the set up.

Burrow Design
The feeling or Burrow sofas is a bit minimalist in our opinion due to the choice of using wooden legs made from Asian Oak which making the overall sofas, slimmer and look less bulky. There will be 3 finish to these legs; light, dark, and classic matte black. There will be two option on its side or arms so we can choose them to be low or high while the frame itself is also modular, making users able to separate the frame from each seat based on our need.

Burrow Benefit
Just like any modular seat, the best benefit of Burrow couch or sofas is how we can custom them or arrange them following how we need them to be without the need to spend so much energy. For those who live in an apartment or have a plan to move to other places, they are also easier to pack for we can separate them and just box them accordingly then assembled again in our new places, unlike when carrying a regular sofas which will definitely require more energy.

Another thing we love from Burrow is their fabric material because the brand offer 5 different fabric to choose; beige, brick red, crushed grave, navy blue and charcoal. What’s special is they are made from Olefin which is one of the most popular durable fabric used in furniture. Not only durable, they also wicked moisture quickly, resist to fading, lightweight, easy to clean and have a good abrasion resistance.

Assembling Burrow
On assembling, depend on individual skill, we may need around 15 minutes to put all of them completely and thankfully, we don’t need to use additional tool here because the hardware is already included on its pieces. Overall, the setting up will be through lock and unlocking which is very convenient. What’s interesting here is each Burrow sofas have a power pack below that we can plug into the wall and use them to charge our portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Now, let’s compare Lovesac with Burrow. The prominent difference between them is on the design because Lovesac is bulkier and thicker as well as heavier than Burrow with slimmer design. Lovesac also offered in a more expensive price than Burrow with customization in hand if you need them come with different cover, arm, and even fill while the other is only coming with color, leg and arm option. Additionally, since Burrow have a wooden leg, it has wider space below, making it easier to clean, moreover, it also have power pack underside.

Lovesac vs Burrow

- Bulkier- Slimmer
- Less space underneath- More space underneath
- More expensive- More affordable
- More customization options- Less customization options

All in all, both brands offer quality and comfortable sofas. We can choose based on personal taste but we do prefer Burrow because it is slimmer yet still comfortable with a wide space under and a far more affordable price than Lovesac.