LG WM8000HVA vs LG WM8500HVA

Do you have a problem with your daily wash? Still stuck with your old method? Then maybe you can try a new method, which is using the modern and reliable washing machine. It has been common for us to find many washing machines with so very low durability and quality. Though, many companies are competing for each other to provide the highest quality washing machine with the lowest cost. This task is not easy to at all, that’s why you will be amazed by LG’s work. Recently, LG has invented its low-cost washing machine which offers high-quality performance. There are two that are very similar but produced with different series; they are LG WM8000HVA and LG WM8500HVA. LG WM8000 is the biggest non-commercial washing machine which scales for about 5.1 cubic feet. It has a significant capacity and features which will fit perfectly with your demands. On the same page, LG WM 8500 HVA is an advanced washing machine which provides the steam cleaning features that virtually eliminates dirt, wrinkles, and odors. So if you want to know more about these products, let’s see the comparison below.

WM8000HVA is the biggest in its class with the size of 5.1 cubic feet. But to be precise, the size is not having a very effective function as it will consume too much space. However, this disadvantageous is covered by its fantastic features. It has about 14 washing programs and five temperature setting which will do your job to adjust the washing method easier. You will also get the front-load washer along with the turbo wash feature. These features make WM8000HVA perform as a powerful washing machine with up to 1300 RPM. On the other hand, WM8500HVA has more robotic approach. It has many auto features like the auto temperature control, auto detergent dispenser, and auto fabric softener dispenser. Therefore, you won’t need too much attention when using WM8500, because the machine can apply the right attempt by itself. Likewise, you will find other minimal-effect features like the stainless-steel tub, rotary dial, and cycle signal.

Even though both products has very close series, but either WM 8000 or WM 8500 are having a very different approach to their performance. WM 8000 is excellent in energy and time aspect. WM 8000 can perform for just 48 minutes while the average washing machine needs 60 minutes. It has a very powerful rpm which is the important part about how it can save so much time. Even though the rpm is powerful, but the energy usage is pretty minimal, this is caused by its ability that can retain about 56% of the clothes weight in water which makes the dryer is less needed. On the opposite, WM 8500 pretty much depends on its program ability. This programming ability is the only advantage that WM 8500 has. The overall performance is pretty close to the standard washing machine with the addition of 5.2 cu.ft capacity which is better than WM 8000’s capacity.

In overall, both machines have their own characteristics, so maybe it is better to see your condition before buying it. If you love the less-dependant machine, then you can choose the WM 8500, but if you can afford to control it by yourself, then WM 8000 which is better in performance will suit you better.