Kohler Elmbrook vs Highline

A good toilet can make life a lot more convenient, whereas a bad toilet will just cause unnecessary nuisance. Hence, choosing the right toilet is important when building your home. Now, Kohler is one of the most trusted brands for quality bathroom products. In this article, we will help you choose between two popular Kohler models, Kohler Elmbrook vs Highline.

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About Kohler Elmbrook
Kohler Elmbrook offers the best combination between traditional culture and modernity. This toilet model has a very nice design that allows it to be placed easily in any bathroom it is deployed in, in such a way that it complements the existing decoration and appliances very nicely. In addition, it also has an efficient system with a powerful flushing which ensures excellent uncompromising performance. See also: Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron.

Kohler Elmbrook: Design and Features
As said above, Kohler Elmbrooks has an artistic design. It features beveled edges and simple lines that make it look stylish and elegant. The height is about 30 inches, and the width is approximately 18.3 inches. Meanwhile, the flush valve is located on the tank. The tank has a diameter of about 3.25 inches, which is a little larger than regular toilet models. This allows water discharge with a much greater force, which in turn enables better flushing and cleaning performance.

Note that Kohler Elmbrook is a two-piece toilet. In other words, the bowl and tank are two separate pieces. In general, a two-piece design takes some effort to clean compared to a one-piece design. This is because there are more parts and connections that need to be cleaned. Fortunately, most of the parts at the back are covered, so they don’t get dirty. The flush lever of the toilet is placed on the left-hand side, which is a standard design.

Note that this toilet also comes with Kohler’s trademarked quick-release hinges which allow you to easily unlatch and remove the seat from the toilet. This allows for easier and more convenient cleaning.

Kohler Elmbrook has an elongated bowl, which is good. It has a greater room and more comfort, especially for adults. The height of the seat is more-or-less equal to the typical height of a chair, so no one will find any difficulty when sitting or standing up.

Kohler Elmbrook: Performance
For sure, the company has optimized this model for enhanced water efficiency and performance. Kohler Elmbrook has a rating of 1.28 gallons per flush. This is generally a good rating, as it consumes significantly less water than traditional models per discharge.

This also allows Kohler Elmbrook to receive the WaterSense certification, indicating that it has a guaranteed water efficiency. You can find out more about the WaterSense certification on Wikipedia. If you want to save up some money from your water bill, Kohler Elmbrook can be a good choice.

Kohler Elmbrook is equipped with the company’s Class Five Flushing Technology which allows for virtually plug-free performance. The flushing system also enhances the rinsing power by driving the water with more force around the bowl for better cleaning performance. This system uses gravity to strengthen the flush, so it does not consume any additional energy.

The overall performance is good. The design of the bowl and trapway also allows a strong siphon so that the waste can be discharged quickly. You won’t need too many times of repeated flushing to clean the toilet.

About Kohler Highline
Kohler Highline is one of the less expensive models available on the market. It is widely available, so you will have no problem in finding one for your home. So, you can say that it is very popular because it is affordable and easy to find. However, this toilet does have its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to make sure whether it is good enough for the needs or you better find another model.

Kohler Highline: Design and Features
Kohler Highline is just like the Elmbrook that it is a two-piece toilet. It also has a cover for the bottom parts, and the cover helps in making it easier to clean. It is available in two color choices, white and biscuit color. The design is rather plain and simple. This is not a problem if you don’t need a toilet that looks too fancy.

Kohler Highline also features an elongated bowl. This is good. Most adults feel more comfortable with elongated bowls because it provides more room to sit on. It has a longer total length from the back wall to the outer edge of the toilet. Unfortunately, although the company calls this toilet as a “complete solution”, the installation is not exactly that way.

Kohler Highline is not exactly the easiest toilet to install. The provided instructions are rather vague and difficult to understand. In the end, you will end up looking for a tutorial video to install the toilet properly. This is in contrast with the Elmbrook, whose quick-attach hinges make connecting the seat and toilet very simple and easy. Note that the toilet does not come with the necessary hardware such as the non-standard bolts, so you have to find them separately.

Kohler Highline: Performance
Nevertheless, Kohler Highline has good performance. It is able to flush most loads in one flush. There are some cases that it requires a few repeated flushes, but nothing too bad. Another thing to note is that Kohler Highline does not have any of those “endless swirl” problems when the water just swirls around in the bowl without actually delivering down. The design has been optimized for efficient and straightforward flushing. It can sweep everything down swiftly.

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Kohler Elmbrook. This model is better in a number of aspects. It has a more stylish design, and it is much easier to install. The quick-release hinges allow easy cleaning, too. The performance is great, and it has excellent water efficiency to keep down your water bill.