Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron

Looking for a quality toilet that is comfortable and will last for a long time? For a long time, Kohler has become one of the leaders of the industry. Kohler’s products are known for their high standards. In the following article, we will help you choose between two popular models, Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron.

Below, you can read the complete information about:
– The designs and features of Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron,
– The efficiency of the two toilers,
– Their flushing systems, and
– Which one is the best toilet for the money.

Design and Comfort
Both Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron are loved by many home owners because of their classic looks. They both look stylish and elegant. However, their looks are quite versatile that they can fit well in classic decorations as well as modern settings.

However, Kohler Elmbrook does look rather plain and simple. Kohler Cimarron has a slightly better edge here because of the angled lid. It adds a nice touch of style. Nevertheless, you can use either toilet in your master bathroom. See also: Toto Ultramax II vs Drake II.

Both Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron are two-piece toilets with elongated bowls. They are both spacious enough to provide extra room and comfort. Both toilets are suitable for nearly all people. Apparently, the manufacturer has put a special emphasis on these toilets’ heights, as they are both about as tall as typical chairs. So, you will not face any difficulty when sitting down onto the toilet or when getting up.

Color Choices
Kohler Elmbrook is available only in one color choice, which is white. Well, the white color is quite flexible and versatile. A white toilet has been the norm for most bathrooms all around the world. So, this is not really a bad thing.

However, if you want to have more color choices, Kohler Cimarron would be a better choice. There are at least ten color choices, which include white, biscuit, almond, dune, sandbar, ice gray, Mexican sand, thunder gray, cashmere, and black. So, Kohler Cimarron is great for modern bathroom designs with varying color schemes.

Maintenance and Durability
Being two-piece toilets, Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron may require some extra effort for cleaning and maintenance compared to their one-piece counterparts. This is because they have more parts and curves that may collect dirt and debris, hence they require more care. Fortunately, Kohler uses a high-quality material for these toilets, so their surfaces are very easy to clean.

In addition, Kohler Cimarron comes with the Clean Caps. These are low-profile caps which cover the bolts from collecting dust and dirt. After all, the bolts are some of the most difficult part to clean. The Clean Caps are very useful, as they make cleaning so much easier. Well, they also make the toilet more stylish and elegant.

Both models have concealed trapways. In addition to making their looks more elegant, they also become easier to clean, as there are fewer exposed parts.

Both Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron are very rugged and durable. They have sturdy construction that can support a user of almost any weight. They also have durable canisters and seals. Kohler claims that the durable canister design has 90% less exposed seal material, ensuring a leak-free performance.

Flushing System
Now, let’s take a look at the flushing systems of Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron. Of course, these two models come with different flushing systems. So, you can expect some differences in their performance.

On one hand, Kohler Elmbrook comes with Kohler’s proprietary Class Five system. This technology has been designed to provide a virtually plug-free performance. It also enhances the toiler’s rinsing power so that the toilet can be cleaned every time the flush is activated. As the effect, the toilet is able to remain clean for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, Kohler Cimarron comes with the new Kohler Canister Flush. This system features a powerful plunger inside the tank. The plunger works during each flush to prevent clogging or blockage around the flush valve. It is very useful, as it ensures optimum performance and significantly reduces maintenance needs. Furthermore, it also helps to discharge the water at a faster rate. The higher discharge rate creates more power to flush the toilet.

For sure, Kohler Cimarron holds a better edge in this regard because of the newer flushing technology. It has a self-cleaning action with a plunger that makes it clog-free and blockage-free. The increased flushing power makes it more effective, and it does not need too many flushes to clean the bowl.

Water Consumption and Efficiency
Both Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron are highly efficient in terms of water consumption. They are both WaterSense certified, meaning that they have passed the standardized tests for efficiency and environment friendliness. So, generally speaking, both toilets will not use too much water.

Both Elmbrook and Cimarron are rated to use 1.28 gallons water per flush. In general, they have similar water consumption. However, don’t forget that Kohler Cimarron uses a newer flush technology with higher discharge rate and slightly stronger flush power, so it will not need to be flushed repeatedly. This may lead to better overall efficiency.

Both Kohler Elmbrook and Kohler Cimarron are protected by a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers all defects in workmanship and material. The one-year period is counted from the purchase date. This is great; make sure that you check your toilet every once in a while so that you can claim the warranty in case of a defect. The company will repair or replace the toilet accordingly.

However, there are some important things that you need to know regarding the warranty. First, the use of any in-tank toilet cleaner voids the warranty! So, do not use any in-tank toilet cleaner while still in the warranty period. Second, the warranty does not cover any removal or installation cost.

Between Kohler Elmbrook vs Cimarron, we recommend you to choose Kohler Cimarron. This model comes with a more stylish design and more color choices. In addition, it is WaterSense certified, ensuring its water efficiency. It comes with a new flushing system which makes it clog-free and blockage-free, making it so much easier to maintain.