Kohler Cimarron vs Highline

When purchasing a new toilet, it is only natural that you may crave some comfort. There is no reason you shouldn’t get that, and thus you should get the best toilet out there. That’s where Kohler comes in with their incredibly lucrative products. With their top products going head to head, the Kohler Cimarron vs Highline battle is a close one.

The Cimarron has gained popularity because it is easy to install, unlike the Highline, which is mostly due to poor instructions that are given by the manufacturer. It also comes with a Dry-lock system, which isn’t present in the Highline. The Dry-Lock system ensures that there are no leaks and it also completely eradicates dry rot, which occurs around joints in most toilets. The height is also taken into consideration when choosing. For a home with young ones, the Cimarron may not be the best fit since the height of its rim is higher than most toilets. Standing at a height of 18″ compared to the Highline’s 16.5″, it may not be the best fit for a home with children. (Read also: Kohler Cimarron vs American Standard Champion)

Cleaning can be a real hassle sometimes and to make things easier, the Highline’s seat just slides off, which enables easy cleaning, which isn’t present in the Cimarron. However, the downside to this is that the Highline doesn’t come with the equipment needed to fix the seat to the toilet bowl.

All in all, both toilets are great as they both come in two parts instead of the traditional one piece toilet, making transportation much easier. However, if the faceoff between the Kohler Cimarron vs Highline has to have a winner, then it would be the Kohler Cimarron. Even though they have the same gallon per flush capacity, the Cimarron has the upper hand with it Aquapiston flushing. Its design takes the issue of corrosion due to prolonged use into consideration, and its installation process is very simplified.