Keter 234242 vs Cotton Craft

We are sure most of us have more than a pair of chairs or sofas in the house for sitting and lay the body as we watched those new TV series. If regular chairs or sofas are already fitted inside the house, why not try pouf like Keter 234242 vs Cotton Craft to both beautify your rooms and make it a versatile sitting cushion. For those who are also considering these solid cushions, see our article below to check which can be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Putting Pouf Cushion
– What are Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft
– What Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft Look like
– What Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft are made of
– What are the Weight Limit of Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft
– Keter 234242 vs Cotton Craft

Pouf Cushion
Home decorating trends are changing from time to time and those once hailed as a hit items may seem dull in comparison to those appearing in the next few years however, when it comes to style, it is always best to follow our own taste since this is the one that gives us uniqueness and difference. In the last several years, pouf is a trendy items to have in the living room or in your patio due to their pretty shapes and versatility function.

Today, there are so many of them being offered in the market and some of you may just took an interest in one. In general pouf which also often mistaken as puff is a solid cushion as opposed to the equally popular bean bag like those from LoveSac Vs Corda Roy which makes it a very ideal option for sitting and supporting your feet while sitting in a chair or sofa. They are also commonly round or cubic in shape with a flat top.

This home décor which name was derived from French word Pouffe can be placed almost anywhere dry and far from fire but our most favorite part is since the top is flat and solid, we can add a layer of thin, flat glass or wood and making them a small table.

About Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft
As many people are starting to see how pretty and useful a pouf is, there seems to be more brands or makers offering their products in the market and we are free to choose which seems to fit our house the most. For those who are looking for a high quality pouf cushion, Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft will be a very ideal choice. They are highly rated on Amazon and Cotton Craft even included on the best pick by TheSpruce as best pouf to get.

However, there are also some differences that may affect your purchasing decision since these two brands doesn’t actually offer an identical pouf cushion. The Keter set is a system of 3 pieces consisting of 2 chairs and one table while if you are shopping from Cotton Craft which is very popular among towels brands, we will also need to purchase the cushion one by one for they are sold separately.

Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft Design
In terms of design, they are quite similar in a glance especially on the cushion form because both of them are using the round shape which is preferable if you are not fond of cushions with pointy edges. They are made from different material hence the texture are also different and in comparison Cotton Craft have more bumpy surface than Keter especially the 234242 set. As for the sizes of their cushion, it seems that the former is slightly wider but the latter is taller.

While both of them have the same form and shape, they are not identical because their top area is quite different. They are fairly flat but the cushion from Cotton Kraft is a little bit inflated so we will not be able to put glass or any thin board above and transform it into a table. Keter on the other hand already have the table on the set and it is measured at 16-inch wide and 16.3-inch tall with included wooden panel to put cup, wine glass, or any small objects.

Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft Material
When looking for any home décor including a cushion, chairs or sofas, it is always best to know about the fabric or material they are made of first because it will define the texture and overall durability as well as if they are outdoor friendly. Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft are very different on this side because as you can see, the former is made from a more plastic like material and it is actually polypropylene resin which the latter is knitted from dori or fabric knots.

This difference will affect the overall ability of these pouf because the characteristic or resin which is water friendly, rust-proof, and sturdier so we can be more mindless for their placement. On the other hand, Cotton Craft is knitted from dori and it is a fabric base so we can only use them in a room temperature far from moisture or near flames. In comparison, this cushion will be slightly soft in which the resin version will be very rigid.

Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft Weight Limit
Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a pouf is probably the weight limit because we may need to think about whether the cushion is able to support our body especially adult or not. The Keter 234242 set is claimed to be able to hold up to 242 lbs. on each of the unit included so adult user should not be a problem but, for Cotton Craft, this cushion is not rigid and the flexible, softer form making it possible to hold even heavier users for there is no hard parts to break.

These two stylish and pretty pouf is a nice addition to your living room and patio or gazebo as well as useful. The differences between Keter 234242 and Cotton Craft are on the size since Keter is slightly wider yet shorter, the ability to transform one into a table which only possible with Keter set, and the weight limit since Cotton Craft with no hard parts will be more capable of taking heavier weight. In addition, Keter 234242 set is an overall cheaper pouf set than getting the same amounts of items from Cotton Craft.

Keter 234242 vs Cotton Craft

Keter 234242Cotton Craft
- Come in a set- Sold individually
- Wider surface- Narrower seat
- Flat surface- Uneven surface
- Shorter height- Taller height
- More durable material- Delicate material
- Lower weight limit- Higher weight limit
- Affordable- More Expensive

At this point we are sure most homeowners are choosing either of them or deciding to get both so we can enjoy each of their benefits. However, if we are to choose, we do like the Keter 234242 set better because it is an all in one shopping and we can use them outside as well for the material is more durable.