Ikea Pello Chair vs Poang

Ikea has made various nice value products. Ikea products are usually priced at affordable and budget-friendly price points. They are also quite good in terms of quality and durability. Well, they are not to be compared to the high-end models in the market, but they are certainly functional and usable. Now, if you are looking for a nice, comfortable chair that doesn’t break the bank, you can consider these Ikea chairs, Pello and Poang. Ikea Pello Chair and Ikea Poang Chair are both armed chairs that have cushions and covers. Both are popular for nursing as well as casual seating. So, should you pick Pello or Poang? Find the answer below!

Sets and Color Choices
Both Ikea Pello Chair and Poang come complete with the cushions and covers. Since these models are cushioned, they are generally comfortable. You can sit on them for long without tiring your butt, useful and effective for nursing a baby. However, the Ikea Pello Chair only comes in one color variant, Holmby Natural. Of course, there are many third-party custom-made covers available for purchase for the Ikea Pello Chair, if you prefer a different color. On the other hand, though, Poang is available in a lot more color choices. You can get it with a white or brown frame. There are also white, black, red, brown, gray, and other colors for the cover. And, even better, you can get the Poang in a complete set of a chair and a footstool.

Design and Size
Both Pello and Poang have similar frames. They are quite rugged and durable. They don’t break easily as long as you don’t put too much of weight on the chair. However, Pello and Poang have different sizes. Ikea Pello Chair is slightly wider but significantly shorter. The seating position is quite closer to the floor; the seat height measures by 14-5/8”. Hence, Ikea Pello Chair is generally suitable for people with small physicality. The seat leans backward slightly when used. On the other hand, the Poang is somewhat bigger and taller. The seat of Poang measures at 16-1/2”. It is higher from the floor. Most people find the height more comfortable, so the Poang’s height can be considered suitable for average to tall physicality.

In general, we recommend you to choose the Poang. The size is ideal for most people, and it is available in various color variants. But if your physicality is rather short, you can consider Ikea Pello Chair instead.