Ikea Malm Bed Review: Strong, Elegant, Affordable Bed

Ikea is a well-known brand in the market for its various types of bed or mattress. Most of them are very variation where the price is very from the smallest to the highest. The bed quality itself is usually determined by its material. In this case, Ikea has an unusual bed type which is the Ikea Malm Bed; this bed is made from the real wood veneer which will make this bed age gracefully. The bed is superb in the first look, and it has a high-quality material. The bed sides also allow you to use mattresses with the different thickness which is very beautiful and good. However, many of the reviews have said that Ikea is not a very long-lasting brand which is kind of true. So is it really like that? Let’s see the explanation below.

First, the bed is made from the real wood veneer; the structure is also very sturdy after fully assembled into one, but noted that like most of the Ikea furniture it really hard to disassemble it and reassembled it again. Sometimes it even always seems to break which is quite annoying if you don’t have a stable useable room for the bed. The size itself is not that big as it can be put in the small place like the apartment or other areas. Though some of its features are very useful like the slide out storage which is very handy for people who needs space.

The bed is very fine for many of its users, but the only thing that you need to avoid is to dissemble and reassemble it over and over again. It will break if you do that because of its wood which has a rather bad quality. The wood can last for a long time, but it can’t stand to the movement and will end up like chips with a big cracking sound. However, it is very disappointed that the bed is not very fantastic with its firmness and the gel layers can’t hold up over time. Most of the users complain about it, and the surprising fact is that they change their bed after some year using the Malm bed.

In overall, Ikea Malm Bed is pretty bad in term of wood material. It claims that its material is pretty good, but in reality, it is very bad and cracks easily. You also need to mind that its performance is very standard. So it is all back to your budget all over again. If you have a good amount of money, it is better to buy a higher quality bed as Ikea Malm is placed between the lower and middle-quality bed.

Specifications of Ikea Malm Bed
• Real wood veneer to make this bed age gracefully
• Adjustable bed sides, allowing you to use mattresses of different thicknesses
• Overall Width: 59″
• Overall Length: 78-3/8″
• Headboard height: 39-3/8″
• Footboard height: 15″
• Mattress width: 53-1/8″
• Mattress length: 74-3/8″
• Slatted bed base and mattress are sold separately

Pros of Ikea Malm Bed
– Highly sturdy and durable
– Good-looking and elegant appearance
– The adjustable bed sides are very nice, allowing you to accommodate different mattresses
– Quite affordable and budget-friendly

Price of Ikea Malm Bed
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