Ikea Down Comforter Review: Stay Warm in the Cold Days

Sometimes you might feel that your comforter is not fluffy or thick enough, you might even feel that the comforter is not keeping you warm at all. That thing has become some kind of issue with the comforter product because the high-quality comforter usually comes with the high price too. But you need to keep it in mind that not all comforter is suitable and fit with your bed type. That’s why you need to know the bedding type before buying it. In this case, we have Ikea Down Comforter, Ikea Down Comforter is a comforter which is used by many families to cover their bed. Ikea itself is quite a big company; it is well-known for its affordable price products like this one. So if you are interested with Ikea Down Comforter, let’s see the explanation below.

The Ikea Down comforter offers a fluffy, quilted, and thick blanket which will keep you warm throughout the night. Ikea Down comforter is the opposite of the usual comforter; it has an extra warm down comforter. The price itself is really affordable compared to other comforters. The fabric is made 100% of cotton which means that it is made from natural material. You also can feel that the comforter is very breathable and sustainable, you won’t feel cold when using it, but the heat that it produces is radiating and spread out perfectly. After that, you can also see that it has 252 thread count which is more than sufficient for a comforter.

When you are sleeping using the comforter, it is probably best to have your garment removed. This condition is where many researchers tested the comforter. All you need to do is sleep naked under a sheet and cover up with the comforter; then you need to see the overall breathability, puffiness, and the fabric texture. In this case, Ikea Down Comforter is not the best, but still, with how much you spent, this comforter is worth the price. The downside is that Ikea Down is less fill which made it a little bit less warm, for some people the warm feeling is one of the most important things. So the overall quality is rather off, but it is affordable, and the breathability is good. Its durability is also not very good considering that it only can last for some years.

In overall, Ikea Warm Down Comforter is not very good in term of performance and warm quality, but you must note that it comes with its affordable price. So it is best to buy this product if you don’t have too much money to spend and if you just want to use it for a small amount of time.

Specifications of Ikea Down Comforter
• Material: cotton
• 252 thread count
• Fabric: 100% cotton
• Filling material: 25% duck feathers, 75% duck down
• Width: 86 ”
• Length: 86 ”
• Filling weight: 43-oz
• Total weight: 101-oz

Pros of Ikea Down Comforter
– Very soft and comfy
– Very effective for keeping you warm in a cold day
– The cotton material feels soft and gentle on the skin
– Decent size

Price of Ikea Down Comforter
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