Hurricane Spin Mop vs O Cedar

It’s time for you to get out from old technology and start with the modern one. You can’t be stuck in the same old style while the world is developing. In cleaning aspect, for example, you can use the spinning mop like the Hurricane Spin Mop or the O-Cedar mop. Not only that it is easier to be used, but it also doesn’t cause you the backbone problem. Therefore, Hurricane Spin Mop is made based on the Centrifugal Drying Technology, along with the 360-degree swivel head which can cut the cleaning time in half. This Hurricane Spin Mop has been known everywhere for its smooth and neat result. On the other hand, O-Cedar is easily the best selling spin mop system which offers countless features. So if you want to know more about both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Hurricane Spin Mop is very straightforward in its features. The features are not many but very functional. First, it has the 360-degree swivel head which can reach anywhere and has the pivoting ability which makes it easier to reach tip-point area or under the furniture. After that, it features the special micro-fiber material in its mop head which is claimed by Hurricane has the ability to absorb up to 10 times its own weight in liquid. This microfiber material is also making your work doesn’t leave scratches, streaks, and doesn’t drip. Lastly, Hurricane Spin Mop has the Centrifugal Dryer Technology which enabling it to spin at 1,000 rpm. On the other side, O-Cedar is more stylish in its features, starting from the high-quality foot pedal. This foot pedal is designed to activate the spin wringing which allows the moisture level to be under control. In the wringing process, O-Cedar provides the Splash Guard feature which is protecting you from the splash. And the same like Hurricane, O Cedar also using the microfiber which has the same function like what Hurricane does. Lastly, the outlook is better because of its exclusive bucket design which has the built-in wringer that allows you to hands-free wringing.

Many people are talking that Hurricane Mop is not constructed very well. While the general approach is unique, but the overall execution is pretty bad. It messes up a couple of aspects like the plastic which is using the bad material, or the bucket pedal and mop handle which break too easily. On the contrary, O-Cedar is very strict in its material usage. The company is using the best material to make the O-Cedar which is why O-Cedar is very durable. Other features also have pretty decent performances, like the splash which works excellent, or the spin mop which will help the customers to have balance. The mop basket is very high capacity which enabling you to hold a lot of water in it. Last but not least, the foot pedal is very well made and let you wring the water out instead of the manual wringing.

Hurricane Mop is having a unique general approach and idea but fails to execute it. Hurricane Mop fails to make a cost-efficient item. Instead, they are giving us the low-cost item with the very bad material. If Hurricane Mop is terrible, then O-Cedar is fantastic. O-Cedar performance is flawless which is why you definitely need to buy this one as your home equipment.