Honeywell vs Vornado

Are you looking for a nice and reliable air circulator fan for use on a desk or mounting on the wall? Well, even though air conditioners are getting more affordable day by day, they have their own place. They are often loud, and they suck power at rates that may frighten your electricity bills. Regardless of whether you already have an air conditioner or not, you still need to have a good fan that can be handy when you just need some air circulation without swelling your expense. There are two most popular fans on the market right now, Honeywell and Vornado. Which is the one that you should choose?

Honeywell is available in two sizes, 11 inches and 15 inches. It comes with a slim and simple design. The slim design makes it very easy to place. It can be put on a desk or on the floor without taking too much surface area. Or, you can just mount it on the wall to save space. It is quite lightweight, so it should be easy to mount. The head can pivot 90 degrees, featuring the Aerodynamic TurboForce design for maximum air movement. On the other hand, Vornado is a little bit bulkier and heavier. It comes with Vornado’s signature Vortex Technology that provides complete air circulation throughout the room. It features a chrome glider bar that allows full control over the direction of the airflow. This feature is very handy; you can adapt the fan for either intense personal cooling or energy-friendly air circulation. Despite the seemingly complex body design, it is actually very easy and simple to clean.

Comparing the performance of the two fans, Vornado is easily the more powerful one. The sophisticated technology implemented in the model really plays a real factor in the performance. It really gives nice air movement and circulation. The air volume is huge. You can easily cool and circulate the air in a small to medium room. It has four speeds; the lowest is very quiet, the highest is real strong. Honeywell actually gives good air as well, and is also quiet, but the performance is not as powerful. To be fair, though, Honeywell comes at a significantly affordable price point, so the model is already a very good value for the money.

Between these two fans, Vornado is generally better. It offers better performance. However, for a single person use, you may prefer something more affordable, and Honeywell can be a very good value alternative.