Fitted Sheet vs Flat Sheet

If you ever found yourself in the bed sheet aisle wondering which are best for you: Fitted Sheets or Flat Sheets, then read on. We will go through each option and leave you regret free when choosing your bedding.

To see which one is better for you, it is easier to first understand why there are two options in the first place. A while ago they were both used in the same time. Fitted Sheets were meant to protect the mattress, while Flat Sheets were meant to protect the comforter or blanket and give additional comfort. When temperature allowed, their purpose was (and sometimes still is) to cover the person sleeping without creating extra warmth. So yes, they basically served two different roles. Fitted sheets were placed underneath the person and the place for flat sheets was a top.

Because you are probably just considering what to put over your mattress and now that you understand what its purpose was the first place, the easy choice might be the fitted sheet. Not so fast. Let’s dig in a little bit deeper as there are different best options for different people.

First of all, for a fitted sheet to help you make an impeccable bed, it must be according to your bed measurements. Otherwise, it will drive you insane by popping off or by gathering in lumps. If you are not sure of the dimensions of the bed or if you don’t have a standard size bed, it’s best to go for the flat sheet. Then, you have to consider if you are a big lover of perfectly ironed sheets. If this is the case, take into account that there is a special technique you have to master before attempting to achieve good-enough standards when it comes to ironing and folding Fitted Sheets. With the Flat ones, things are a lot easier.

There is a saying: you make the bad you lie in. This is true both literally and figuratively when giving the verdict in the case of Fitted Sheet vs Flat Sheet. It only depends on you and whatever is most important. If you value a sheet that will stay put and not crumple underneath you while you sleep, there is no doubt about it: go for the fitted one. If you prefer to see a stack of perfectly ironed and folded sheets in your linen closet, then a flat sheet is your best option. And you can use it to cover yourself during warm summer nights too.