Fiberon vs Veranda

Composite decking has become the fastest growing alternative to wood decking. Many people prefer composite decking rather than wood decking because of the low maintenance requirements and better lifespan. It doesn’t ask much from you in order to last for a long time – very nice and convenient, isn’t it? Besides, composite decking products now look great and beautiful, some even able to simulate the appearance of real wood. Below, we are going to discuss about two popular choices of composite decking: Fiberon vs Veranda.

As a matter of fact, the Veranda brand actually also belongs to Fiberon. The company has released Veranda as an exclusive brand for distribution through Home Depot. So, what’s the difference between Fiberon and Veranda products? Which one has the better quality?

Featured Lines of Products
The original Fiberon brand has more lines of products. There are seven lines. You can consider the Symmetry or Horizon lines for beautiful looks and some color choices, or the Relax line for more a wood-like appearance. Meanwhile, the Sanctuary line can be your choice for affordable outdoor decking. The Good Life and ProTect Advantage lines are great for outdoor because they require low maintenance and are durable. Finally, the Paramount line is excellent if you don’t mind using PVC for non-slip performance and ultra-resilient durability. (Read also : Fiberon vs Trex)

On the other hand, the Veranda brand is much simpler because it only provides two lines of products. You can choose the regular composite decking if you prefer to keep the expense down, or choose the ArmorGuard decking for better look, resistance to insects and weather, and enhanced durability.

Durability and Lifespan
Because there are multiple lines of products that Fiberon vs Veranda provide, each with particular characteristics, comparing them all is a little bit difficult. However, Fiberon’sGood Life, ProTect Advantage, and Paramount are especially durable, able to last for long.

Veranda’s regular line doesn’t seem to be any better than the typical composite decking products. However, the ArmorGuard line is awesome. It promises a long lifespan, as showcased by the 20-year warranty.

Fiberon does not specifically mention if its products are eco-friendly or not. So, you can assume that the Fiberon decking products are produced through the typical industrial processes. This is especially true for the PVC decking. If you are very concerned about the environment, you may want to opt for a ‘greener’ choice.

On the other hand, Veranda’s ArmorGuard decking products are confidently eco-friendly. Veranda claims that more than 80% of the materials used to produce their products are acquired from pre- and post-consumer recycled materials of wood and polyethylene. Furthermore, Veranda also claims that their products are produced in energy-efficient and virtually waste-free facilities.

In the end, we recommend you to choose Veranda’s ArmorGuard decking because it is more eco-friendly. Typical composite products may damage the environment, but Veranda uses recycled materials and environment-friendly facilities to make it greener. It also offers a decent lifespan while requiring very low maintenance. It is protected by a nice 20-year warranty.